Scooter Sharing App Development: Example and Cost in 2022

Scooter sharing is extremely popular nowadays. This fashionable type of transport provides an opportunity to get to the destination without traffic jams to couriers and office workers or just to spend time pleasantly by any inhabitant of the megalopolis. Scooters have replaced bicycles because they allow moving quickly without sports clothes. 

Individual companies have multiplied the number of scooters in their fleets over the past year, and this is not the limit. While the U.S. and Europe are the leaders in the field of mobile vehicle rental, the rest of the world is actively catching up with the trend. Nevertheless, one of the key parts of any e-scooter rental service is a mobile app. In this article, we will break down in detail how much it costs to develop a scooter-sharing app. Moreover, we will break down scooter sharing app development using a case study and the expertise of RexSoft development company.

Scooter sharing app development features

The cost of any scooter-sharing app development depends primarily on the set of features. And although each scooter sharing app firm tries to stand out and equip your product with unique features, there is a common set of functions that are required for all scooter sharing apps.


Every scooter sharing app should have real-time GPS so the user can see all the nearby scooters. This is a cornerstone for such apps because no one wants to use a longer route to get to the scooter.


This feature is needed in the scooter sharing app to unlock e-scooters. Every e-scooter should be marked with a special QR code, which will unlock the vehicle after the app scans it.

Smart locking

QR codes are needed to unlock the scooter, but you also need to lock it. After blocking the scooter sharing app the next user can use the vehicle without any problem. 

Secure payment gateway 

Your scooter sharing app should have at least two payment systems so that users can seamlessly pay for the service from any device. In addition, payments should also be secure. During development, you can integrate the most secure payment gateways such as PayPal or SecurePay. This can increase customer confidence in your startup and secure end customer payments. 

Adding social media accounts 

Integrating social media into the scooter sharing app makes users a powerful marketing tool. They can share with their friends that they use your scooter sharing app specifically. Such loyalty can and should be rewarded with bonuses in the form of free rides.  

Feedback form 

Feedback is important in any industry and scooter sharing app is no exception. Users can be a great help in scooter sharing app development by sharing their ideas about how to improve the service with you.


So we’re getting to the most interesting part: the e-scooter app development price. We have already coped with the features you need to have in the scooter sharing app. Now let’s look at the loading time for the specialists on the example of the C24 scooter sharing app, developed by RexSoft:

  • Design – 80h; 
  • App development – 360h; 
  • Back-end development/App API – 280h; 
  • Super Admin CMS – 140h; 
  • Device API – 160h. 

So, C24 scooter sharing app development took about 1020h in total. Let’s take it as an average, and assume that you ordered a development from the US ($75/h), and Ukraine ($40/h). 

The scooter sharing app development from the US will cost you around $76,800 while the offshore development from Ukraine will take only $40,800.

The growing popularity of individual transport is due to a number of factors. City dwellers are increasingly looking at the means of individual mobility as an alternative or supplement to their own car, cab, or public transport, and not just as entertainment during their walks. The development of infrastructure in large cities contributes to this. A great demand for rental individual vehicles comes from couriers, who use them for work.

According to experts, further digitalization of the rental system is important for further market development. Scooter sharing app should be well thought out and flexible, taking into account many factors to maximize profits and reduce expenses (for example, warning about the need for maintenance and repairs). The development of scooter sharing app is only possible with truly top-notch professionals who have experience in the industry. Contact the specialists at RexSoft e-scooter app development company and take your place in this promising niche now.


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