RAW 1-1/4 Size Classic Cones: The High-Flying European Sensation for Joint-Rolling Divas


Hey there, beautiful people! As the funniest stand-up comedienne and joint-rolling queen, I’ve got a juicy little secret to share with you all. It’s time to hop on the European train and embrace the RAW 1-1/4 Size Classic Cones – Europe’s most popular pre-rolled cone. Let’s dive into why these babies are the crème de la crème for fabulous joint-rolling aficionados like ourselves.

Size That’s Just Right

Forget super-sized joints – it’s time to get chic and classy with RAW 1-1/4 Size Classic Cones. At 84mm long and a 26mm tip, these cones hold up to .75 grams of your go-to green goodness. They’re like the perfect pair of heels: not too high, not too low, just right for a fabulous night out (or in) with your favorite gal pals.

Organic and Planet-Friendly

Darlings, we’re all about keeping it clean and green, and RAW Cones are here to help us do just that. Made from organic plant fibers, they’re as eco-friendly as a vegan brunch in a solar-powered cafe. No need to fret about harsh chemicals or toxins – we’re keeping it au naturel.

Crisscross Magic

You know what’s a total buzzkill? A joint that runs faster than my last boyfriend. That’s why RAW 1-1/4 Size Classic Cones come with a snazzy crisscross watermark design to ensure an even burn and prevent any unwanted canoeing. It’s like having your own personal joint whisperer, guiding you to a smooth and enjoyable smoke sesh.

Crafted with TLC

In this fast-paced world of automation, RAW 1-1/4 Size Classic Cones are still lovingly hand-packed with the utmost care. It’s like each cone is a precious little gift, delicately prepared just for you. Embrace that artisanal touch and enjoy knowing that your pre-rolled cones are made with love.

Stick Together with Tree Sap

Step aside, chemical gum lines! RAW 1-1/4 Size Classic Cones use natural tree sap to keep everything in place. It’s like your joint is held together with a sweet, earthy embrace – a far cry from the creepy, synthetic stickiness found elsewhere. Cleaner, healthier, and oh-so-natural – just how we like it.

Rolling for a Cause

When you indulge in RAW 1-1/4 Size Classic Cones, you’re not just treating yourself to a fabulous smoking experience – you’re also making a difference. Each purchase helps support underprivileged communities in third-world countries. So go ahead, spark up a cone and feel good about giving back.

So, my fabulous friends, if you’re ready to elevate your joint-rolling game to new heights, look no further than RAW 1-1/4 Size Classic Cones. They’re the perfect size, organic, designed for an even burn, hand-packed with love, all-natural, and contribute to a greater cause. Next time you’re in the market for pre-rolled cones, choose RAW 1-1/4 Size Classic Cones and let your inner European diva shine through!

Green Blazer is a certified RAWthentic pre-rolled cones distributor, selling organic raw hemp cones in many different sizes. They are a homegrown Las Vegas small business cultivating community and culture one cone at a time.


For any important information please contact us Email GadgetsNg info@gadgetsng.com

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