What are some good movies on Netflix?

What is the finest Netflix movie I can watch? We’ve all posed the question, only to waste 20 minutes browsing through the streaming service’s bizarrely narrow genre menus and become overwhelmed by the constantly altering trend menus. 

When it comes to choosing anything to watch on Netflix, its vast library of films paired with its perplexing suggestions system may make discovering something to see feel more like a work than a means to relax when what you truly want are amazing movies. 

We are here to assist you. We have limited down your alternatives to 8 of our top current movies on this platform. However, if you are one of those people, who prefer watching their favorite movies and shows in the traditional way, and are wondering which cable service provider has the best content quality and the most complete channel list, we recommend checking out Spectrum TV bundles. They enable you to enhance the image quality of your favorite shows. With the Spectrum mi plan latino lista de canales, you can watch a wide range of channels in free HD. You also have access to tens of thousands of on-demand titles.

Nevertheless, if you are planning to enter the streaming world and want to try something new, we would recommend you to keep reading this article. We have compiled for you some of the finest movies on Netflix. Keep reading!

  1. Avengement

Scott Adkins plays Cain Burgess, a prisoner who eludes police custody and goes on a quest of revenge against his brother, in Jesse V. Johnson’s bare-knuckle crime drama Avengement. Cain grows from a skilled brawler to a steel-toothed weapon of destruction, perfecting his talents and biding his time to get revenge from all those who lied to him, as he is accosted every day by a murderer hired by his brother to try to silence him.

  1. Dolemite is my name

Eddie Murphy made a triumphant comeback as Rudy Ray Moore, a comic who made a name for himself as Dolemite in 1970s stand-up routines as well as blaxploitation movies. Moore’s journey from a record shop clerk to the big screen is chronicled in ‘Dolemite Is My Name’. ‘Dolemite Is My Name’ follows Moore’s meteoric ascent to popularity, with all of its odd and intriguing twists and turns.

  1. Private Life

Private Life is a fascinating and realistic look at a New York middle-aged couple’s struggles to produce a child using various methods. However, it sparkles with humor and charm thanks to Hahn and Giamatti’s presence. With Kayli Carter as Sadie, a college dropout, this riveting film about the uncertainty of entering a new stage of life takes on even more layers.

  1. Tramps

If you are in search of a charming modern rom-com, Tramps is a must-see. ‘Callum Turner’ and ‘Grace Van Patten’ play Danny and Ellie, an honest nice kid and a streetwise girl who try to carry out a nefarious business for a little money. Tramps is a tightly scripted film that deftly avoids clichéd ground while effortlessly winning your heart.

  1. Passing

With her adaptation of Nell Larsen’s 1929 novel Passing, Rebecca Hall makes an outstanding directorial debut. It follows two dark-skinned women, one of whom decides to “pass” as white. Tessa Thompson and Ruth Negga are the embodiments of the duality at the heart of this sensitive black-and-white story. Passing is a sensitive depiction that gracefully reveals strong psychological depths.

  1. The Boys in the Band

The Boys in the Band establishes a new platform for an ensemble cast who all appeared in the 2018 Broadway revival of the classic drama of the same name. Jim Parsons, Zachary Quinto, and Matt Bomer are among those who have been cast in the film. 

A birthday party for a group of gay guys in New York City in 1968 is given new meaning in the film. When a former visitor of the host calls in, the celebration takes an unexpected turn. The Boys in the Band is a thought-provoking, fascinating drama with a talented ensemble that knows how to play off one another and compelling topics like self-loathing and internalized homophobia.

  1. The Princess Diaries

Whether you want to see it with your parents or with your children on a family movie night, this film will be a hit with everyone. The Princess Diaries, starring Anne Hathaway, was released in 2001 and stars her as an unpopular 15-year-old girl who discovers she is a princess in a European kingdom.

The film follows her journey; there is some moderate verbal bullying, to the point where the main heroine, Mia, and her companions are referred to as “freaks” by the popular high school students. There are also amusing scenes, such as when Mia drives without a license and uses tactics to avoid getting a ticket, which her parents may find unpleasant. Apart from that, the film conveys positive themes about the importance of friendship, reputation, honesty, and kindness toward others.

  1. Selena

Who would not want to watch Jennifer Lopez as a young woman in Selena? The film is about a father’s love for his children, their love for good music, and a country’s adoration for a singing sensation who died far too young. If you enjoy singing along with the tunes, I am confident you will be humming Bidi Bidi Bum Bum for the next two weeks. Another detail that will linger in the mind for weeks.

Wrapping up

Several people have seen and recommended all of the films mentioned. So, if you are looking for a fun movie night with your family, put on any of the above-mentioned films without hesitation, and we guarantee you will be thoroughly entertained. Also, do not forget to look after your internet connection beforehand, as a slow and unreliable connection might completely derail your plans.


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