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Man having erectile problem in bedroom
The full enjoyment of Sexual intercourse or lasting longer in bed with your woman is a thing of the mind and how you are able to control your brain from anxiety that always leads to quick ejaculation.
In the present day, over 90% of men were unable to satisfy their women on bed, the way they rushed in is they pour all the thing inside and come out guilty.
Sexual enjoyment is not an act of becoming a life “MARIO” in bed, but starts with your ability to control your anxiety, and not indulging in the use of aphrodisiac drugs that makes you last longer in the act. You first learn to take over your anxiety to enable you to last long and be in control of the act.
This herbal remedy will help you treat and control your Quick Ejaculation problem if used as directed. This are the ingredients you need.
NEGRO PEPPER (Eru Alamo or Erunje in Yoruba, Uda in Igbo) and Botanically called Gnetum Africanum.
BITTER KOLA (Orogbo in Yoruba, Akiilu in Igbo, Miji-goro in Hausa) and Botanically called Gracinia Kola.
KOLA NUT (Obi Gbanja in Yoruba, Oji in Igbo, Gworo in Hausa) and Botanically called Cola Acuminata and Cola Nitida.
GUAVA TREE ROOT (Psidium Guajava) the root only.
COCONUT WATER ( The clear liquid inside Coconut).

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Wash and put the Eru Alamo ( )first and put it at the bottom of the bottle, then remove the shell of Orogbo (Bitter Kola) and cut into pieces, put also in the bottle.
Wash the Obi Gbanja (White Kola but), as Well and cut into pieces, then put also in the bottle. You will do same to the Guava tree roots, clean to remove sands and cut into pieces, then put in the bottle as well.
Having put all the ingredients in the bottle, you will now soak all with Coconut water and leave to ferment for Seven (7) days before you start to use.


After the Seven days fermentation, you will take a shot, in the morning and night for 3 days during which you will abstained from sex

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