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How To Cure Infections

Toilet infections, which is often referred to as toilet disease by some people is a condition in which a female experiences discomfort such as burning, itching and unpleasant or foul odor coming right from the vagina.

The condition is named toilet infection because most ladies could swear they started experiencing the discomfort after the use of public toilet seat.

Regardless of how its viewed, toilet infections can be darned uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing as the itching tends to occur when you are out in public places.

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Remedy For Infection

  • One bottle of bitter lemon
  • Two bitter kola
  • Peel the bitter kola
  • Put inside the bitter lemon drink
  • Leave to soak for three days
  • Drink it all on the third day
  • Preferably in the morning.
This is a perfect remedy for toilet infections
If symptom is still there, repeat the same process until the infection is gone.


This is not to be taken by pregnant women or nursing mothers .
if you can’t finish it all at once, drink it two times.
Alternate drink that u can use is any bitter lemon drink.

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