Is Bitcoin mining worth it as a profession?


Yes, if you look at it from a distance, the whole setup of CryptoCurrency and Bitcoin would appear to be very promising and attractive. But that is not at all enough if you wish to get some juice out of it for you as well. Then, for that, you should have enough knowledge. Please do not forget that the whole topic of CryptoCurrency is something very vast, and there is so much verity associated with it. So, gaining all the knowledge and skill for it in one go is not possible and would not be helpful, so for now, we will be topic-specific. 

 Bitcoin Mining- 

 Defining it for a non-specialist in the simplest words possible, Bitcoin mining is an online conducted process of solving puzzles. This process further leads to Bitcoin generation, and also it confirms a particular Bitcoin transaction, thus making it a safe and secure mode of payment. There are special chips designed using those that can compete for resolving the mathematical puzzles. The one who solves the puzzle first earns a Bitcoin. So, a person who solves these mathematical puzzles online with a motive to earn a Bitcoin is known as a Bitcoin miner. If you still need to know more, the best option is to open and visit the Bitcoin code

 Bitcoin mining as a profession- 

 Well, yes, people are taking this up as a profession, but is it worth it that way? Here as per the demand of the topic, we will discuss the same thing and try to get to a conclusion regarding it. 

In its initial days when Bitcoin was launched, it was then mined with the help of a computer, but eventually, those who were mining realized that this way procedure was very time-consuming. So, now there are some huge mining pools that are specially designed for making this process less time-consuming. So, one thing which we can count as a drawback is that there is a lot of electricity consumed in this whole mining process. 

 Also, taking up Bitcoin mining as a profession sparks more controversies as the process of mining is not considered eco-friendly. Especially in the places where electricity is produced with the help of fossil fuels, Bitcoin mining has become a more challenging concern for the environment. So, this remains controversial whether or not a person should choose the career path of a Bitcoin miner or not.

 But, we can still try and help people deal with this controversy. Let us further see some more details related to the Bitcoin mining profession.

 Those in the profession of Bitcoin mining are expected to solve a math puzzle to get a Bitcoin. The term for that puzzle is proof of work. To be more specific, we can say that the miners actually try to get a 64 digit long hexadecimal number. This number is denoted as a hash, which is less than or equal to a target hash. It is so as per Bitcoin’s proof of work algorithm. In the process of Bitcoin mining, the professionals’ system uses many processing units in order to pull out hashes at various rates. One has to guess and pull out various combinations of 64 digits until the solution finally arrives. In this whole process, the systems which are able to guess less than or equal hash are given the Bitcoin. 

 What issues one may face during Bitcoin mining?

Well, the main issue people face during Bitcoin mining is the difficulty level of the math puzzle. The tough math puzzle has a direct effect on the rate at which this CryptoCurrency is generated. If we talk about this in more detail, then we can say that this challenge upgrades itself every now and then after a certain time interval. This happens every two weeks at an average somewhere after 2,016 blocks. Now, the other difficulty level of the puzzle depends on the efficiency of the previous miners and also on many other factors like those new miners who have joined the network. 

 What are the Economic factors associated with Bitcoin mining?

 If you are planning to take up Bitcoin mining as a serious profession, or we should say if you are trying to make it a business venture, then there are some important factors that should be taken into consideration. 

 The economy associated with the process of Bitcoin mining goes as follows- 

  • Electricity- In the case of Bitcoin mining, this power will run 24*7. To be more precise, it can be said that the whole process of mining takes away at least enough electricity that is consumed by some countries. So, yes, for Bitcoin mining, one needs big investment in the name of electricity. 
  •  Mining systems– This is another very important factor that one should take into consideration. For the process of mining, one cannot use regular desktop computers or gaming computers. They will heat up and will not be able to perform as expected. So, for this, one would need a customized machine for Bitcoin mining. You can also call them application-specific integrated chip systems. The cost for this machinery goes somewhere from $4000 to $ 12000. 
  •  Network Infrastructure – well, the speed of the internet does not matter, but yes, there has to be an internet connection available 24*7. Also, there should be mining pools within the network range. 


 So, this is all the important information that will help you decides upon taking up Bitcoin mining as a profession. Reading this guide will make a lot of things clear in your head, so all you need to do is go through it carefully. If even after all of this, you need more information than that, you should get in touch with the experts available at the Bitcoin code website. Also, going through the information given here will be of help to you. If the idea of it really excites you and all other practical aspects are falling in place then yes it is worth trying. 



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