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How to prepare banana recipe for conception

Here we have an easy recipe to help women to conceive. There are many ways to prepare banana, and we want to share with you some tasty ideas: Let’s start with the simplest receipt, this method helps to activate the needed functions of a woman’s body.

For this recipe you need to:

  • Blend two pieces of banana;
  • Add a cup of milk, one teaspoon of bicarbonate soda and uncooked egg;
  • Blend it all together.

A woman should drink it just once, on an empty stomach after her menstrual cycle.

There are also other receipts, they are tastier and can be used as an assistance of the method. Bananas contain needed elements and vitamins that are very beneficial for the fertility of a woman. Let’s consider a few tasty ideas: Read 

For women trying to conceive, Banana recipe is the answer, try this and thank me later. I saw this somewhere with a lot of testimonies from already pregnant ladies. Blend two pieces of banana, one cup or tin of liquid milk, two uncooked egg and one teaspoon of bicarbonate soda. Blend well and drink immediately after your menstruation cycle.

I repeat drink this a day or two after your period. And don’t meet your man for four days after dinking before xxx again.It works on ovulation and make it thick and ready to catch sperm.  Drink this recipe only once and on an empty stomach earlier in the morning after ur menstrual cycle.

Does banana recipe to get pregnant work?

The consumption of bananas will help you to increase the chances to get pregnant. The secret is in the vitamins contained in bananas, these vitamins can help to boost fertility. Read 

An imbalance of hormones affects reproduction function. When a woman eats bananas, her organism gets vital vitamins and important nutrients.

The list of vitamins contained in banana:

  • Vitamin B6 – it is vital for the regulations of hormones;
  • Folate – the element that helps to prevent many birth defects;
  • Magnesium – the element that ensures proper blood supply to the Uterus;
  • Potassium – which is needed for pH balance, and muscle strength.

Remember that all the beneficial elements of banana can be considered just a supporting means, and can’t be used as a medicament. If you have problems with the ability to get pregnant, you should consult a doctor. 

Note: Please when you take it don’t repeat till two months u don’t take regular so the last bicarbonate soda expires in your body.please always read carefully and follow instructions


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