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Stop The Excessive Consumption Of Drinks Rich In Caffeine


The adage, “Excess of Everything Is Bad”, falls quite appropriate in context of caffeine. Caffeine is basically a stimulant of the CNS- a central nervous system and it is basically acquired from coffee leaves, cocoa, tea leaves and many more. If consumed in equability, intake of caffeine doesn’t pose any adverse effects on your body. However, it is highly recommended to stop the excessive consumption of drinks rich in caffeine.

Health Risks Of Caffeine You Should Know

1. Indigestion:

Indigestion precisely implies to the issues involved in the digestion of all the food stuff, we intake. Most of the time it has been visualized that a lot of people have a habit of in taking a hot cup of tea or coffee- drinks that are rich in caffeine, right from the commencement of the day. But health –wise, it can’t be considered as an optimal approach. The reason being in taking caffeine on an bare stomach leads to the emergence of numerous health issue like heartburn, indigestion, acidity and other digestion related critical issues at large. So, it is highly recommended that one should either completely avid or minimize the sound consumption of caffeine in his daily routine besides keeping various digestion related issues at bay.

2. Obesity:

It has been traced that caffeine rich drinks are the prominent source of calories and high-sugar. Not only has this, but the consumption of these drinks tends to make you habitual and addicted on these drinks, which ultimately results in the over-estimated consumption of these caffeine -rich drinks at large. As an un-avoidable consequence you will be highly liable to put on excessive body weight thus resulting in Obesity. Not only this, it has also been visualize that all those individuals who have either put on excessive body weight or intake sugar in high quantities, become the victims of Diabetes , which is a very hazardous issue for your health.

3. High Blood Pressure:

A recent study has revealed this fact that excessive consumption of caffeine results in the release of a chemical termed as Adrenaline along with some other chemicals which thus tend to hike your Blood Pressure (BP) besides keeping you awake and vigilant. Alongside, these caffeine rich drinks are a potent source of sugar and hyped quantities of calories, whose excessive intake can incredibly hike your blood pressure and become the utmost cause of various cardiovascular ailments at large. Thus, this is commendably suggested that one should put a limit on the excessive consumption of the caffeine intake at large.

4. Withdrawal Health Symptoms:

It has been observed that one is usually addicted with the intake of caffeine rich drinks precisely during the early mornings. Skipping this for even a single day will make you feel as if you have missed an important part of your daily routine. This usually occurs as a result of addictive features of the caffeine rich drinks that has a sound capability of inspiring the central nervous system and thus resulting in the form of sound addiction. This is the sole reason , that at times, you may feel the withdrawal health symptoms in your body, whenever you make a spontaneous decision of limiting the intake of caffeine drinks in your daily routine. Some of the prominent withdrawal health symptoms includes body ache, dizziness, headache, giddiness and many more.

5. Early Mortality:

A lot of research has been carried out regarding the ill-effects that excessive caffeine drinks will have on your body. It has thus, come up with this conclusion that all those individuals who rely on the maximum intake of caffeine rich drinks are on the verge of early mortality. Nevertheless, it has also been significantly co-related with the other factors as well like the hike usage of sugar in the caffeine rich drinks like tea, coffee, cola and many more. So, all in all, we can summarize it this way that hyped level of consumption of caffeine will maximize your probability of getting affected by a lot of life-threatening diseases at large.

6. Insomnia:

Another most adverse effect of high intake of caffeine rich drinks is that it tends to make you insomniac- a key term used to refer to the sleepless nights. According the medical study, caffeine intake tends to hinder the movement of a Neuro-transmitter known as ‘Adenosine’ which is more precisely the brain’s normal tranquilizers. That implies to the fact that, it allows you to feel sleepy only when the adenosine levels are high enough in your body, thus making you insomniac at large.

So, this is all about the 6 incredible and prominent health risks associated with caffeine intake on your body.


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