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A miscarriage is when you lose a pregnancy before 20 weeks. Most happen in the first 12 weeks.It can feel emotionally devastating, or come as a surprise because you didn’t realize that you were pregnant.Either way, know that it’s not your fault, and it’s likely that you’ll be able to have a baby in the future.

Signs of a miscarriage can include:

  • Bleeding from your vagina that may be heavy
  •  Pain in your lower belly that feels like really bad menstrual cramps
  •  Pregnancy signs that were there (such as tender breasts or nausea), are gone

These symptoms can happen for other reasons. But see your doctor to get checked out.


Most miscarriages are due to things that are out of your control. More than half happen because of problems with chromosomes, which hold the genes that set the baby’s hair color, eye color, health, and other features.

Having too many or too few chromosomes can prevent a baby from developing normally. These problems often happen by chance. They’re not caused by anything you or your partner did.

Less often, one of these health problems in the mother may make a miscarriage more likely:

  • Hormone problems
  • Infections
  • Uncontrolled diabetes
  • Thyroid disease
  • Lupus
  • Exposure to radiation or toxic chemicals
  • Smoking, drinking alcohol, or using illegal drugs

Prevention Of Miscarriage

This plant really works wonders for women who frequently have miscarriages.
It is called Amaranthus cruentus in scientific name, Amaranth in common name, and efo fotètè in Yoruba.
It is to avoid a miscarriage, it cools the hot belly as it is said in Africa. For a woman who regularly miscarries, she does the enema (crush and purge) with this plant until she has a pregnancy and continues the enema until the first trimester of pregnancy.

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