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Healing power of garlic, ginger and onion

Health benefits of garlic, ginger and onion when taken together.


Onion is an important spice that is used in most homes in the preparation of local dishes because it gives a unique flavour to meals. And aside from being used as a spice, onions are used as medicines by some specialists for the treatment of some infections.

Garlic is also a spice that packs a bunch of health benefits when take. Some of its health benefits include the ability to cure athlete’s foot and some respiratory problems.

Moving to ginger, it is a wonderful plant with a lot of health benefits too. It is used to cure heartburn and some other diseases. Now that we have looked at the three spices and their benefits, let’s look at what the combination of the three can do to your body.

Then abere is called Hunteria umbellata ,a very unique herb with antibacterial, anti inflammatory. Tastes very bitter with alkaloid, phenol,saponins,phyto etc.

It’s effective in lowering blood sugar level in diabetes, drops cholesterol, it triggers the liver function and strengthens it. It’s a unique herb that can’t be ignored among herb.

How do you Prepare it?

  1. Get onions, ginger , garlic and abere in a ratio of 6:4:3:4
  2. Wash them thoroughly with clean water and put them in a pot.
  3. Add two litres of water inside the pot and boil for 15 minutes.


Sieve out the juice and drink it twice daily.

Health Benefits of the Mixture

  1. It burns belly fat.
  2. It treats asthma.
  3. It detoxifies the body system and boosts metabolism.
  4. It prevents cancer and reduces inflammation.
  5. It lowers blood pressure and blood sugar.
  6. It aids digestion and relieves pain.
  7. it cures fever.
  8. It refills and rejuvenate you all round.

“Love nature and follow nature.”



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