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How To Reduce Vagina Smell

The vagina has a particular natural smell but when it becomes offensive, its either the girl has infection or she has done an improper abortion or other factors.
  Bacteria is a common factor that helps increase odor in a closed part, therefore its advised that a regular check is run within your body parts on a daily basis. I heard lots of arguments on this platform that putting your hands inside the pussy to wash is not good but I want to shock you.
As a sex counselor we treat numerous cases of offensive odor once we want to run either a pelvic scan assessment or a vagina swap test for OPVR assessment.
The smell we get is always greater than the test we are about to run, but you will hear shocking revelation on how our women wash their so called vagina all in the name that they do not want to insert their fingers.
Yes we know you might be wondering why I said insert a finger while washing. who does that? Yes we advice it because some times most girl wash just the surface and the clit and forget the major discharging part.

Tips On How To Wash The Smelly Vagina With An Avocado Pear.

1. Make sure your nails are very clean and short.
2. You can wash your hands thoroughly with salt and warm water.
3. Cut a ripped pear and take out the quantity you like or use all(one pear only).
4. Put the gel into your vagina and leave for two minutes and wash off with warm water that has a little salt in it. You will be shocked what you will see.
5. Bend down well and wash off everything properly.
6. Make sure you insert to clean out.
7. Take your bath after.

Factors That Cause Smell In The Vagina.

A. Improper abortion.
B. Candida infection.
C. Sweat undies (please sprayed your undies under sun after washing and iron if possible).
D. Excessive usage of product for pussy tightener which can trigger Cancer ( some women use alkaline (akanu) which slack the pussy).
E. Sleeping with tight clothes on or sleeping with pants on.
F. Lack of washing or wiping the pussy properly with a baby wipes after using the toilet (the drips of urine on your pant is more smelly than an onion smell). I advice you to get a pant liner for your pants.
G. Wearing one pad during menstrual period.
H. Insertion of loops or tampons or clip-on.

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