Remedy: Face Mask Skin Irritation

If you're wearing a reusable face mask, Add these skincare below to your schedule

Skin issues has become rampant among health care workers, and the internet is filled with their photos. They are dealing with skin issues from wearing medical-grade masks hours on end. So How can the average mask wearer—even someone crafting a substitute mask out of a bandana or scarf—keep their skin clean and protected after wear? Experts gives their health best tips below for how they keep their own skin healthy after wearing a mask.

Wash your skin with a gentle cleanser after removing your mask

“When you take your mask off, you definitely want to wash your face to clear up some of the sweat, and whatever you’ve gathered during the day,” says Experts, who advises using a gentle cleanser or cleansing bar to wash your face without over drying it. A fragrance-free “non-foaming gentle cleanser that’s not going to strip the skin of moisture,” will be best. No matter the cleanser you’re using, be sure to use lukewarm, not hot water. “Hot water can be more coarse to the skin and further compromise the skin barrier.”

Apply a moisturizer with skin barrier-boosting ingredients

“frequent rubbing and friction from everyday mask use can compromise our skin’s barrier, resulting in dryness, bruises, from various mask textiles,” says Experts. Regardless of your skin type, following up after cleansing with a moisturizer containing these grail ingredients for fighting off dryness and irritation: ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide.

Cover Affected skin with a protective ointment before bedtime

If you’re wearing a mask for several hours a day, you’re likely to develop irritated skin patches on your face. If you’re dealing with these patches as well, the Experts recommends applying a petroleum jelly with zinc oxide before bed for maximum protection after moisturizing. Another tip? “You can also use it before wearing your mask to reduce scrapping,”.


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