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 How You Can Make Use Of Okra To Reduce Fat

 Okra, also known as Lalo in Mauritius, is a plant of Ethiopian origin, although it is now grown all over the world. The vegetable pod has a greenish color with small seeds inside and can be added to broths, stews and salads.

In addition, this vegetable has proven to be a powerful remedy for various health problems. Nowadays it has been well known for its slimming characteristics, this recipe is taking care of the popular taste. Because it acts effectively to help control overweight, in addition to making you dry that unwanted belly fat.

This article will tell us how we can take care of your big belly With the use of Okra and water.
Though the process will take some days to get it done but nevertheless it is the way or methods to reduce the belly. How it’s been done will be discussed one after the other.

Materials Used.

1. Fresh Raw Okra.
2. Water.

How To Prepare

1. Take the fresh Okra and soak inside the water for three days.
2. Take the water from the Okra and filter it will be somehow jelly in nature.

How To Use

Take a Teacup of this water morning and night.
By the time, it is used for three days the belly would have been reduced.
This is a simple way of how to reduce the belly.

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