Pearls Can Cause Severe Infection, Pelvic Inflammation Disease And Toxic Shock Syndrome

Detox pearls are small cloth-covered balls packed with herbs like Mothersworth, Rhizoma, Angelica, Osthol and Borneol.

Some ladies use these pearls because they think it helps them to get rid of uterus and vagina toxins,negative emotions, hormonal imbalances, yeast Infections,fibroid,endometriosis etc..

They also claim it helps improve fertility and regulate the menstrual cycle.

No scientific studies have shown that these herbs help any of those problems. They have been found beneficial in general medicine, but not for the conditions they’re advertised to address.

The constant use of these detox pearls can lead to the death of Lactobacillus acidophilus.

Lactobacillus acidophilus is a common bacteria in the vagina that produces lactic acid which prevents the growth of other harmful bacteria.

This pearls can cause a vagina PH imbalance giving rise to the over-growth of candida albican thus leading to vagina yeast Infection.

If left in too long in the vagina, the pearls can also cause severe infection, pelvic inflammation disease and toxic shock syndrome if used during periods.

While you use them to treat yeast infections, it can cause another severe yeast infection and make you bleed.

Most women are prone to yeast infection and other vagina related infections because the vagina is sensitive, it could be caused by a change of environment, $xxual partners, restrooms, tissue papers and so on.

The vagina is self cleansing and does not require any special detox pearls to enhance its cleansing ability.

However,if you have any vagina related problem,visit a Gynaecologist..


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