Complete Checklist in Choosing a Vacuum Mixer Homogenizer

machineVacuum mixer homogenizers are machines that are crucial in the creation of cream, lotion, ointment, lipsticks, and many more cosmetic products. 

These machines do all the heavy lifting for the intense stirring process required to make the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and food products we use daily.

And while these machines make the creation of products more manageable and more consistent, they come at a hefty price. 

Standard-sized homogenizers can run you up from $2000 for the low-end homogenizers. While the high-end ones can cost upwards of $5000, choosing the best vacuum mixer homogenizer is crucial.

Here are some things to look out for when purchasing your first vacuum mixer homogenizer.

Quality of stirring

Perhaps the most essential factor to consider when purchasing a mixer homogenizer is the quality of stirring. Homogenization agitation is the most crucial component of the equipment. 

And you want to make sure that your homogenizer can easily do the job of taking two different particles with different characteristics into one homogenous solution.

Choosing a mixer homogenizer with uniformed and high-quality stirring will allow you to create better and consistently excellent products.

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Structure and process


Different companies and brands create homogenizers with varying sets of instructions. Non-standard mixers tend to have varying steps in their homogenization process; standard ones tend to be more consistent.

It’s best to choose a mixer where you understand its entire process deeply to avoid any issues while using it. 

When buying your first one, it’s typically advised to always choose a standard-made vacuum homogenizer mixer. While they tend to cost more, they will save you money in the long run.

Price range


Choosing the best bang for buck product is always at the top of our priority. For businesses, saving money is always important, but you should never compromise the quality of your equipment to create your products.

Obviously, the higher the price ladder you go up, the better the mixers are, but purchasing a non-standard cost-effective mixer homogenizer can be excellent for small-scale businesses.

While for more prominent companies aiming to create better and more consistent products, purchasing a high-end, excellent quality homogenizer might be your speed as it tends to function better and breaks down less often.

Other things to look out for:

  1. Motor size of the machine – Consider what type of product you will produce using this mixer homogenizer—the more viscous the solution, the more power you might need to keep it running.
  2. Volume Capacity – Consider the number of ingredients you need to produce your products. Small homogenizers can only work with microliters to 20 liters, while massive ones can handle mixing up to thousands of liters.
  3. Specifications – The specifications of the mixer will vary depending on the type of mixer you are going to purchase. Always check for the mixer’s size and dimensions and make sure it can fit in your working area. Remember to leave some extra space to complete the installation of the homogenizer smoothly.
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Where to buy a vacuum mixer homogenizer

After choosing the best vacuum mixer homogenizer based on the factors mentioned above, the next step is to find a great manufacturer that makes one of the best vacuum mixer homogenizers in the world.

Companies and individuals alike can purchase a high-quality homogenizer from Ginhong is one of the best manufacturers of high-shear mixers, emulsifying mixers, and mixer homogenizers in all of China.

Ginhong always aims for 100% customer satisfaction and always guarantees consumers that their products are top-tier as they continuously integrate new technology into their mixers and are always quality tested.

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Their 16 years of experience in the market allowed them to reach worldwide recognition and even received CE certificates that guarantee the safety and health marks needed for products to be sold in Europe.

Ginhong has mixers for all different applications, such as their RX Vacuum Homogenizer Mixer, aimed at massive producers that feature a working capacity of 50L to 10000L and ensure consumers a uniform particle size of 2 micrometers.

For smaller businesses, they can opt for the Ginhong RX Simplified Vacuum Homogenizer Mixer, which can efficiently work with 20L to 100L and can be used to make products ranging from lotion syrups to butter, margarine, and even shoe creams.

For more information, visit

Wrapping it all up

Choosing and making a big purchase for the first time can be quite a stressful thing to experience, primarily if your business relies heavily on it. And if your company deals with cosmetic products, pharmaceuticals, or food and beverage, a vacuum mixer homogenizer is necessary.

When choosing the best vacuum mixer homogenizer, always remember to keep in mind the factors mentioned above, such as the quality of mixing, the price range, the power needed, the working volume capacity, and others.


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