Choosing an app development company: a guide

Top features to recognize the best app development company

When choosing a company to develop apps, what features do you have to pay attention to?

You probably have heard or read about true horror stories in which companies have lost large amounts of money or have received faulty software at the end of the project, the rescue of which takes a lot of time and money due to the wrong developer choice. So it is a real challenge for every company to find app developers who can be trusted when developing such an application.

But if you pay attention to the following seven features guys from SECL pointed to, nothing can go wrong when looking for the right app development company.

The right tech stack

When developing an app, a developer works closely with you as a customer for weeks and even months. Even after the supposed completion, work such as maintenance, bug fixing, and other adjustments or extensions still arises. To create a cooperative and productive environment, the tech stack should also be right. This means that you should inform yourself about the developers’ technologies. Only with the right combination of programming languages, frameworks, servers, UI/UX solutions, software, and tools can the developers optimally manage a project. Thanks to SECL’s many years of experience, guys can offer customers not only optimal advice on all app development options but also the programming of an app and the entire infrastructure behind it.

As a customer, you should be involved in the development process. After just a few weeks, developers can usually provide you with the first prototype of your app. Due to this, misunderstandings and mistakes can be avoided from the beginning.

Browse the portfolio

Before a company is commissioned to develop apps, you should first ensure that the company can implement an application with all the desired functionalities and a fixed design if necessary. Each app developer should have a portfolio on his website that lists previous projects. At best, it should also list the technologies with which the respective applications were developed. Just take a look if the development company has a similar project in its portfolio, download this app and test the functionality.

In the portfolio, you can usually see at first glance whether the chosen company is up to the task. Browse through the SECL app portfolio and convince yourself of the previous projects guys have done. You will be impressed by the quality.

The price must be right

Let’s get to the important topic: costs! Founders or small businesses, in particular, can often only work with a small budget. However, this is no reason to completely rule out the development of an app right from the start. There are now so many app development options that you can implement apps even on a small budget. Did you know, for example, that a Progressive Web App (PWA) is by far the cheapest variant of app development and is ideal for small projects with simple functions? However, if you need significantly more performance and functions, you are better advised with a native or hybrid solution. For this reason, consulting is the be-all and end-all!

When deciding on the right development option, SEXL offers free consultations, after which a non-binding offer can be created that is exactly tailored to the requirements of the desired app. Therefore, a conversation with guys also offers the opportunity to get to know each other personally and convince yourself of their expertise and experience.

All-round view

A good app development company does not simply develop the app idea commissioned by it. Developers should be well-versed in the market and know what is well-received by users and what is not. Thanks to the many years of experience of the SECL group employees, they can give good recommendations on which strategies could make the app more user-friendly.

Knowledge of ASO (App Store Optimization) is also an advantage when choosing an app development agency. Because those who have developed the app know it inside out and can thus optimally prepare it for publication and marketing in the app stores. In this way, the app gains high visibility in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store in no time and, at best, generates many downloads after a short time.

Conveying complex ideas

Before an app development company starts working on the app, you should ensure that the developers understand the app’s complex ideas. So the developer should explain how he wants to develop the app before starting. As a client, you do not have to understand all the technical details. Still, the developer should be able to convey exactly why he decided to develop the app using these or that technologies, software, and tools. 

It depends on the way of working

The most effective approach to developing an app is agile working. The project is divided into smaller sub-projects. After the completion of a subproject, quality testing takes place from both the developer and the customer side. Any errors and ambiguities that occur are then corrected first before working on the next task begins. The customer constantly knows the status of the app and the software is used productively as early as possible. Through this way of working and other strategies, developers manage to save time and money in app development!

The perfect app development company

So you see, there are many things to consider when developing apps. With the right app development company and a strong partner at your side, however, nothing stands in the way of developing an app that pleases not only the customer but also the users. Guys from SECL know how to create incredible projects, so contact them for a consultation.


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