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Herbal uses of coconut roots

Coconut tree got thousands of benefits and there are no other trees got high commercial value such as this coconut tree got.
Most of Chinese use coconut roots as a treatment for painful bleeding hemorrhoids and in Indonesian are use coconut roots for laxative urine problems. Coconut roots are excellent to treat with fever.
Coconut root are good proven result for diarrhea and dysentery and this root are widely use for these health problems.
Coconut roots are also a good herbal medical mouth wash which can use to have better oral health. The boiled water of coconut roots are taken as mouth washes in here.

1. Coconut oil

Extracted from the dried kernel, coconut oil can be used to treat fever and headaches. Rubbing a blend of the coconut oil and cinnamon oil  over your temples and back will help you sweat out the illness.
It can also be used for de-worming. The oil, which has to come from ripe coconut flesh, destroys hook worm and ring worm. Adults and children can consume one teaspoon in the morning and evening.

2. Coconut Milk

This is not only good in your food, it can also be used to treat certain eye infections by using it to rinse the infected area.
Got a sore throat It is recommended to drink two tablespoons of coconut milk three times a day. Be careful! Don’t overdo it as it might upset your tummy.
If you are suffering from constipation, drinking half a glass of coconut milk will do the trick.

3. Coconut leaves

They are good for relieving muscular pain. Collect some leaves from the heart of the tree, boil them and down the brew. Another way to cure the ache is to bathe in the mixture.

4. Coconut flower

According to the elderly, drinking a cooled concoction made from boiling a bunch of coconut flower is good for some kidney related diseases.

5. Coconut water

The liquid obtained from breaking the coconut in half is said to do wonders for people suffering from urinary problems. It is an energizing drink, said to be good for kidney and bladder related diseases as well. With a high electrolyte content, coconut water contains potassium and natural Vitamin C. It has a calming effect on stomach aches.

6. Coconut Roots

The roots can be used to treat gall bladder and urinary infections as well as kidney related diseases. Boil four or five well-washed roots in some lightly salted water and drink when cool. For those suffering from eczema, wash the area with the mixture using around 450 grams of roots. For Fibrosis, boil three to five finger-long pieces of roots and drink it for a few days. It helps melt clotted blood. The roots can also be used to treat heartburns.

7. Young Coconut

Young, green coconuts can be used to treat abdominal pains. Break one open, heat it and eat the inside of the fruit. The pain should go away.

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