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Causes of Breast Cancer

Causes of Breast Cancer: The higher you follow the path of prevention, the lower the risk of getting sick! Yes, it’s true in the case of many diseases. Prevention and awareness mean a lot to manage breast cancer during the first stage. So we should try to find out some preventive measures in our daily lifestyle to reduce the risk factors.

On the one hand, modern medical science and technology have invented new ways to combat various diseases, so that people can live a safe life, whereas diseases like breast cancer are still taking a toll on women’s life.

Somehow, in recent years it has become the main concern of every woman around the world – how to combat breast cancer. With the ‘Breast-cancer awareness month,’ i.e. October, women gradually understand the importance of preventing breast cancer from an early age, rather than fighting it after it has started to spread.

Let’s take a closer look at Causes of Breast Cancer: 10 Tips to Prevent The Risk Of Breast Cancer

What Causes of Breast Cancer?

Risk Factors:

The cancerous growth that affects the breast tissue is known as breast cancer. When such cell growth detected in any person, especially women, it raises many questions regarding the reason.

According to medical science, several reasons for the causes of breast cancer. Let us check to discuss the causes in brief.

1. Genetic:

It’s not only a myth but a fact with lots of evidence that breast cancer is carried away by genes from one generation to another in a close relation like mother, daughter, sister, cousin, aunt etc.

2. Late Motherhood or not Giving birth to any Children:

Women, those who conceive late and those who never conceive, both are in the high-risk zone of developing breast cancer.

3. Age:

One of the most significant reasons that after a particular age the risk of getting breast cancer increased. Researchers say that 80% of breast cancer cases happen in a woman after they cross the age of 55.

4. Obesity:

After menopause women tend to gain weight and the level of risk increased.

5. Hormone Imbalance: 

Certain hormone-like estrogen stimulates breast cells to grow from the beginning of puberty till menopause.

So, women having an early maturity and late menopause fall into the higher risk zone as due to late menopause Estrogens remain active for a long time.

6. HRT or Hormone Replacement Therapy:

Individuals, who are undergoing HRT treatment for over six years or more, have more chances to get affected by breast cancer.

7. Womanhood:

Being a woman is the major cause as in comparison with the male as breast cancer in a male is a rare phenomenon.

There are certain tissues and glands which are highly active during puberty due to estrogens, whereas the male breast does not have any glands and it’s a deposited fat with a very low percentage of estrogens. Moreover, male breast tissues are inactive.

How will you know that you have Breast Cancer?

Signs and Symptoms:

Though the symptoms vary from one person to another, yet there are some common signs that indicate the development of cancerous growth. Always remember that early detection can save your life.

So every woman should be conscious enough to check her breast herself first at home so that she can notice the following unnatural things in the first stage.

  • If she feels any Ingrown lump or swelling glands inside the breast, which may be painful or not you must be alert.
  • Noticeable changes in the breast.
  • Secretion from the breast, other than milk.
  • Changes in nipples position. It may turn inward or fluctuate.
  • Irritation in the skin.
  • Pain in the breast.
  • If you find the breast skin is getting thicker.
  • Necessary steps If you find any of the above symptoms:-
  • Don’t get panicked.
  • Never feel shy to consult a doctor.
  • Keep in mind that all lumps are not cancerous.

Diagnosis and Treatment:

Breast cancer is detected through a procedure known as the mammogram. It is a type of breast X-ray of women, those falls in the high-risk zone, can undergo a routine check-up and screening to detect breast cancer at an early stage. The cancer specialist suggested an annual screening after the age of 45.

Possible Treatment:

After detecting breast cancer, there is more than one option for the patient to follow

1) Chemotherapy: cancer cells are damaged by using certain drugs in the form of pills or intravenous injection.
2) Surgery: To separate the affected breast tissues by surgery.
3) Hormonal therapy:
Block the cancer cells so that they could not get into the hormone to grow.
4): Radiation Therapy: Here High power rays are used to kill the cancer cell.

Tips to Prevent the Risk of Breast Cancer:

As breast cancer can cause a threat, so ladies should follow some preventive measures to lower the risk of it.

Few factors such as family history are impossible to change, but we can make a big difference by bringing changes in our lifestyle and food habit.

1. Nutritional Diet:

A well-planned diet can make a big positive change in our lives, and minimize the risk of diseases like breast cancer. To build up a strong immunity power we should eat G-BOMB foods, which are super anti-cancer and healthy food.

G-BOMB stands for Green-Beans-Onions-mushrooms Berries and Seeds. So to increase our healthy lifespan we should include these foods in the right proportion.


2. Less Intake of Animal-Based Protein:

To include animal protein and animal-based dairy products in our diet can cause our blood sugar level and which is linked with the risk of getting breast cancer.

3. Try to Avoid Carbohydrates with High Glycemic Index:

High Glycemic Index carbohydrate foods consumption increased the risk of breast cancer. Refined carbohydrates can increase the insulin level and thus lead to chronic insulinemia, which is responsible for the growth of cancerous cells.

So to lower the risk, we should avoid white flour, white rice, honey, sugar, etc.

4. Don’t Intake Unlimited Alcohol:

Women, who drink a good quantity of alcohol daily, indirectly fall into the high-risk zone of getting breast cancer.

5. Maintain your Weight:

Our daily activity helps us to maintain our weight. So indulge physical activity in daily life is a must.

Yoga and freehand exercise are very good practice to maintain weight.

6. Sound Sleep:

Sleep and rest are the two vital requirements top live a healthy life. During sleeping hours our muscles, lots of restoration work goes on inside our body.

So our body is programmed for rest and sleep, lack of which may damage the balance of our body system and as a result, the risk of breast cancer increased.

7. Breastfeed your Baby:

Breast feeding has multiple benefits for our heath that includes the reduction of breast cancer risk.

8. Try to Avoid HRT :

It’s a natural tendency of women to go for hormonal therapy after menopause to get rid of the uncomfortable menopause disorders.

But hormonal replacement therapy for the long-term could enhance the risk of breast cancer. So consult your doctor to use hormones in a lower dose.

9. Go for a Regular Health Check-up After 50:

Age is another key risk factor for breast cancer. So after you cross 50 years, go for a medical screening on a regular basis.

10. Be Aware of your Health:

Little awareness from your side can help you to prevent the risk to a higher level. In maximum cases of breast cancer detection is made by women themselves. So knowing your breast well is the foremost step, so that you can spot any changes quickly.

Few More Tips:

✔Eat fresh fruits like apple, berries, pomegranate, peaches etc. as much as you can.

✔Include seeds like chia, hemp and flax in your diet.

✔Take green tea.

✔Don’t take stress too much. Relax and enjoy the, “Me” time.

✔Always go for the second opinion once you detect with breast cancer.

So in conclusion, we can say that to create a worldwide awareness about breast cancer the month of October has been marked as a Breast Cancer awareness month.

This program aimed to the aware general public about the necessity and early detection of breast cancer in various countries. Follow the preventive measures in your lifestyle and say goodbye to Breast Cancer.


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