How Cable TV has Changed Our Lives?

For as long as we can remember, cable television has been the prime source of entertainment for most American households. We have come to love a wide range of TV shows, programs, and movies primarily because of the access we got because of cables in our homes. Cable TV has drastically changed our lives in more ways than we realize. It has been benefitting us for a long time now. 

In this article, we are going to explore the ways cable TV has changed our lives for the better. You might want to skip the cord-cutting you planned because we have enough reasons for you to stick with your cable TV. 

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Television has for sure grown to become an essential part of our routine. You can easily find at least one TV in every house that functions to bring entertainment to the entire family. 

Television helps us in endless ways. From educational content to informing us of international events while also simultaneously entertaining us with creative programs, it has definitely set its ground firmly. 

Background of Cable TV

Television invention is one of the most important technological advancements of perhaps all time. Who would have thought that transmission of video signals across vast distances could bring entertainment and world news to our fingertips? 

It did take some significant time, effort, and investment to connect people with this technology. However, once it started spreading its wings, there was absolutely no stopping. This led to the birth of the cable television industry as people increasingly started recognizing the benefits it could bring. 

Some might say that we are entering the age where cable TV could banish for good this time. But there is no denying that it has surely an exciting history and story attached to it and this technology has contributed immensely in defining our modern age. 

Interestingly, cable was developed in areas of Arkansas, Pennsylvania, and Oregon in the late 1940s, where satellite signals were either weak or didn’t exist in the first place. More and more satellite dishes were placed in different locations so they could pick up the best signals. Later on, cables were utilized to make the whole experience way better and to bring entertainment to every home in America. 

Cable TV has always been changing lives. It was predominantly introduced as a solution to satellite signals that would easily grow weaker and would fail to reach many homes. Although in the early years of the 1970s, satellite technology started improving yet the large companies like HBO started providing local cable providers with satellite dishes to pick the signals up. Cable companies were slowly getting permission to access more programming options and many big names in networks started emerging shortly. 

Cable became a staple of American life. Gone were the days when it was a necessity or a luxury. It had started enveloping the whole country and became more popular due to the advancements cable kept welcoming. Our lives changed when content started broadcasting in high-definition. We got the options of on-demand programming, DVR service, and many new features that set high standards for cable companies to come. 

Now, our lives have probably taken a 180-degree shift as we have entered the digital age and streaming services are getting interestingly mingled with traditional cable TV, bringing people the best of both worlds. 

Cable TV has endless advantages and we are going to focus on that in the next part of this article. 

Benefits of Cable TV

Some people might consider television purely a waste of time. Some have even labeled it as a brainwashing medium or an addiction. But we must acknowledge how it has influenced our lives positively in the past few decades and keeps on having an impact on our lives. 

Mentioned below are some of the incredible ways cable TV has changed our lives. 

Provided new perceptions

Storytelling is a powerful way to change perceptions and help in opening our eyes to more possibilities by taking us out of the box we sometimes place ourselves in. People get to learn about new trending topics and uniquely, people start to welcome change in themselves by stopping tolerating the ongoing injustice. 

You may have heard of the woke culture. It took a massive flight upward due to the newly influenced perceptions. People started raising voices against injustice and also recognized empowerment in many areas. This happened because cable provided them a way to learn more about the significant movements and the rights of every individual. 

Access to Global News

To open one’s mind, it is quite essential to access global news and understand what is taking place around the globe. News channel played their roles in providing information and alerting people of big events in real-time. You can get your hands on any information regarding any event that is taking place either in the country or on an international level. 

Take an example of the global pandemic. We wouldn’t have given it the kind of attention it required had we not seen its drastic and tragic effects in other countries. 

Television is still a major source of news, even though we all have an internet connection but in a weird way, it is easier to turn on the TV and switch the news channel to get updates, as opposed to pulling up a news channel website and scrolling all the way to the section we are interested to read about. 

Watch live sports

Cable television enables you to watch live sport from the comfort of your couch. Raise your hand if you have a tradition to watch the Super Bowl with your family? Because we do. 

Watching live sports with family in the living room has brought everyone together. Bonding over the games is something we all love to do and we get it, you can get the highlights of the game from the internet but that does not come close to the excitement of watching it live with our family on cable television. 

In this way, cable TV has managed to form traditions for us and provided many ways to bond over the game with our dads. 

Save time with extensive channel options

Don’t you find it quite hectic to decide what to watch on streaming services? It has been reported that the decision-making process takes up a larger portion of our time than the actual viewing. As opposed to that, cable TV gives you the convenience to choose what to watch from the already vast array of options available. 

The number of channels you get varies depending on the provider’s subscription, packages, and bundles you opt for. However, isn’t it relaxing to think that at any given moment you can turn on your TV and can watch anything without the hassle of contemplating, deciding, searching, and then putting the content on. 

This way, cable TV has saved us time by providing us the extensive options of channels and hey, channel surfing is quite a fun way and gives you a sense of freedom and control to watch any show at any given time. 

Key Takeaway

Cable television has influenced our lives drastically. Things that used to seem distant can now be accessed at any second. You get to know about the global news, current happenings, woke culture, and whatnot. 

It has brought media and entertainment to every American household and this was never possible back in the days of satellite TV.


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