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11 Bad Habits That Are Actually Good for You

We always look out for ways to make your lifestyle better and healthy. And we also label our habits as either good or bad. You may be guilty of these habits too, but as per scientific studies, many of these habits are good for your overall health Many of us beat ourselves daily for indulging in any sort of bad habit; it can be sleeping too late, having something sweet or skipping a meal.

However, some habits that we think are bad for us can actually be very beneficial. Almost all of these habits are portrayed in a negative way, but here are the 11 habits that are actually good for you.

1. Skipping Breakfast:

You might have heart thousands of times from your elders that skipping breakfast is extremely unhealthy as it is the most important meal of the day and it can lead to weigh gain.

However, as per many scientific studies it has been proven otherwise. Skipping a breakfast occasionally can be counted as intermittent fasting which can help people lose weight easily.

Intermittent fasting implies not having a meal for about 16 hours and eating in the remaining 8 hours. This is the fastest and easiest way to lose weight, additionally; this kind of fasting reduces the risk of certain kind of cancers and prolongs lifespan.

2. Sleeping in:

Others might say sleeping in is bad for you because that means that you are lazy! People who get less amount of sleep are generally more anxious and moody.

Lack of proper sleep can keep you conflicted and irritated for an entire day Sometimes sleeping in be beneficial for you as it gives you extra time for relaxation and keeps your mood fresh throughout the day.

3. Drinking a Lot of Coffee:

People from ages have been saying that coffee is the reason or heart attacks, cancers and stunted growth.

However, an extensive scientific research has proved that drinking coffee regularly can reduce the risk of cancer and can protect against diabetes. People who drink a lot of coffee also have a healthy heart.

Coffee is full of anti-oxidants and apart from the many other health benefits that it gives, it also improves memory. So, next time someone shames you for a cup of your favourite coffee, just that that you are improving your health!

4. Eating too Many Eggs:

Eggs are a controversial health topic from decades. As egg is an animal product which is high in cholesterol, fat, protein, etc. people say that eating eggs regularly can be bad for the health of the heart.

But, eggs are completely healthy and any miss conception of just eating the eggs whites because the yolk has high calories is absolutely wrong. Whole egg have high amount of nutrients and vitamins specially B12 which you don’t get normally from other foods.

Also, the cholesterol you get from eggs does not increase the cholesterol level in healthy people. Eggs have good fat and protein which makes them quite filling and people don’t tend to over eat them.

5. Skipping Shower:

It is obvious that you should keep yourself clean for healthy social life! But showering repeatedly is not good for you.

Showering wipes off the good and bad bacteria from your body. Also, if you take bath daily, your body’s natural oils will be washed off too which are responsible in keeping your skin hydrated.

You cannot miss a shower if you have just done some work out or had a sweaty day but if you are just relaxing at home, it is advised to skip shower that day. Your skin can use that little break and stay supple.

6. Biting your Nails:

You definitely do not want to be seen biting your nails in front of people as we all know that hands are covered in germs and it can gross people out.

But as opposed to the popular belief, biting nails can be beneficial for your immune system as it introduces various kinds of bacteria to the body and
strengthens it to fight against the illness.

7. Eating Gluten:

Gluten is used to give dough an elastic texture and is commonly used in many sweets and pizzas as well. People believe that gluten can give rise to celiac disease, but studies have proved gluten has no role in this disease and is completely healthy.

8. Sunbathing:

People are now days scared to take a sun bath or tan as it can cause skin cancer. However, frequent sun exposure is actually good for skin as it can provide the very important vitamin D.

A ten minute sun bath will not harm you at all and the vitamin D that you get can ward off colds and flu.

9. Drinking Wine:

Too much of alcohol is definitely bad for your health, but if you drink wine in a limited amount that is almost 1-2 glasses pr day, then it can turn out be beneficial for you.

It is found that people you regularly drink moderate amount of wine every day, has lesser signs of age-related cognitive decline.

10. Having an Energy Drink:

You might be getting a lot of earful whenever you grab an energy drink. It is said that these drinks have a lot of preservative and chemicals. But drinks like red bull just have 10 calories and no sugar at all.

The caffeine that it has is lesser than an average coffee. Also some energy drinks have vitamins, so indulging in them once a while, is not actually bad for you.

11. Chocolates:

Chocolates are certainly every ones most favorite delights and very tempting as well. But it is also known that these should be consumed in moderation and you cannot eat chocolates every day as per the health experts.

But, you should know that dark chocolates have an amazing compound called flavonoids which can prevent a lot of diseases ranging from heart illness to certain cancers. Make sure that you chose the right kind of chocolate for your cravings.

This list might be shocking for some and surprising for others. We hope when next time someone berates you for these ‘bad’ habits, you will have the right answer!


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