• innjoo y100

    Innjoo Y100 is Innjoo’s Third Laptop: Price, Specifications & Availability

    Innjoo makes a wide variety of products including smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs, and more. just few months back , the company started making Laptops as well. The Innjoo Leapbook M100 and […]

  • innjoo fire 4

    Innjoo Fire 4 Specs & Price

    Innjoo’s latest version of its Fire series of Smartphone – the Innjoo Fire 4 offers updated specs  compared with the 2016 model. Here’s all you need to know about the […]

  • innjoo fire 4

    Innjoo Fire 4 Plus Specs & Price

    In addition to the Innjoo 4 and Innjoo Max 4 pro phones , Innjoo Mobile has also announced in Nigeria  the new Innjoo Fire 4 Plus – its very first  phone […]

  • Innjoo Max 4 pro

    Innjoo Max 4 Pro Specs & Price

    Innjoo Max 4 pro  is the 2017 iteration of the Max series and a successor to the Innjoo Max 3 Pro. The Innjoo Max 4 pro returns the fingerprint sensor from the […]

  • Innjoo Halo 3

    Innjoo Halo 3 Specs & Price in Nigeria

    Innjoo Mobile has launched the Innjoo Halo 3, the company’s latest low cost smartphone in the Innjoo Halo series. It has a 5-inch HD display with 2.5D premium glass, is powered by […]

  • innjoo 4

    Innjoo 4 Specs & Price in Nigeria

    Innjoo 4 , is one out of the three Mobile phones showcased by Innjoo at the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona ,Spain .It is innjoo’s 2018 flagship device and will […]

  • innjoo X3

    Innjoo X3 Specs & Price

    Innjoo Mobile has announced Innjoo X3 ,  its latest entry level smartphone in the Innjoo Halo series and one of its first phones in recent times to come without fingerprint sensor and feature […]

  • InnJoo F801 price in Nigeria

    Innjoo F801 Specs & Price

    While Innjoo Mobile is yet to push its first 6GB RAM Phone – the Innjoo pro 2 to the Market , the company  has quietly decided to release a new […]

  • Innjoo Halo 2 3G Specs & Price

    Innjoo Halo 2 3G is a stripped down version of the base Innjoo Halo 2 LTE .It is basically the same as the base innjoo 2 LTE which was announced […]

  • innjoo F5

    Innjoo F5 Pro Specs & Price in Nigeria ,kenya & Ghana

    Forget the Pro  Moniker , the Innjoo F5 Pro is largely the same as the base Innjoo F5 .Specifically,the Innjoo F5 Pro instead of upgrading on the Innjoo F5 Specs & […]

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