Dubai Web Design Market Is Suffering from Freelancers

Web design market has been growing significantly over the past two decades and more growth is seen on the horizon, due to the fast and broad expansion of the online industry. There are many web design companies and digital marketing service providers around the globe in order to provide required services for all market participants. There are a broad range of services such as website design from scratch, SEO enhancement, redesign old websites based on new business atmosphere, etc. that are provided by such companies. 

Dubai Web Design Market

Dubai, as the commercial hub of MENA region, is the home of many businesses and service providers. There are an endless number of companies and businesses who provide a wide range of services and products in the Dubai market. As we already know, it is crucial to have a well-developed website along with a quality SEO plan in place for all businesses of any type, so a huge potential market for web design and digital marketing companies is there to enjoy from.

Web Design Market Participants in Dubai

To respond to such a huge demand for web design and digital marketing services, there are many service providers in the Dubai market including reputable registered companies who normally provide high quality services and after sales services, small but still registered companies, non-registered companies and freelancers. Therefore, business owners who are planning to take their business online or the ones who intend to improve their online presence, must have a good understanding of the market participants and their performance, in order to make the best decision for their project. Let’s dive deeper into all service providers who are active in the Dubai market right now.

Registered Web Design and Digital Marketing Companies

Like a production line in a manufacturing company, your website is the most important tool for your business, if you are planning to make your business grow through internet and online users. Therefore, once your website is up and running, the quality of your website performance should always be at the highest level possible. Such an important factor highlights the importance of after sales service and support. In other words, you can rest assured that any technical issue, any required change or any enhancement that may be needed, will be taken care of by the company in the best way possible. The other advantage of working with registered companies is transparency. What we mean by transparency is your capability of having access to their delivered projects, so you will be able to easily assess their strength and weakness!

Freelancers and non-registered companies

Freelancers and non-registered companies are pretty much the same, as freelancers often make a claim of being a company registered in India or somewhere else. They usually offer low prices and make big claims such as taking you up to the first Google rank! Such claims are either from an inexperienced market participant or from freelancers who are after taking your money and getting you a low quality website! Majority of freelancers and non-registered companies will not show up, when you face a technical issue or you need to make any changes to your website. In other words, if you work with freelancers, you should not expect appropriate support when you are in need. On top of that, you do not have a clue about their performance in designing websites, as there is no information on their delivered projects. That’s why they offer low prices and make big claims to tempt customers!

Dubai Web Design Market and Freelancers

Unfortunately, the Dubai market is negatively affected by the majority of freelancers. The temptation of paying less for developing websites is strong for business owners that makes them go through a deal with such service providers. In most cases, business owners will end up with a low quality website for which they don’t have access to proper support too. At this point, these entities have no choice other than getting a registered and reputable company, to redo their job. Such a big waste of time and money! To help you have a better understanding of the issue you may face, just be informed that there have been some cases in the market, that an ecommerce website was created for a client by freelancers with no payment gateway! In other words, the client has paid for an ecommerce website to sell some products, but the customers who intend to buy the product, are not able to do so! The worst point about it is that the service provider was not available anymore, so the client had no choice other than to go back to a registered company to redo the project.

Final words

If you are planning to create a website for your business, look for registered companies with a proven track record only. You will pay more, however you will have the peace of mind that you will have a quality website in a reasonable time frame and more importantly, you will have access to professional and proper support when facing any issue. Do not be tempted by low price offers and claims that technically cannot be true, as you will most likely end up with a huge loss on your project in terms of time and money, so make sure to make the best choice when intending to create your website. 

Finally, to help you with your search for a good Web Design Company, we would like to recommend Websima DMCC as a reputable web design and digital marketing company. They have been in the market since a decade ago and have a considerable number of successfully delivered projects on file, so you can rest assured of the quality of your project, by working with them. You may ask for a free consultation meeting if you are planning to have your website, so you can meet the team on board and get familiar with the successful projects they have delivered so far.


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