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At https://ordb.org you see all the already well-known and popular online casinos that accept bitcoin for payment. They have a lot of other payment methods, but for those who prefer cryptocurrencies as replenishment of their gaming account, these casinos are suitable. But for now, we are content with what we have and hope that everything is in the not-too-distant future. It would be very convenient for players to play for cryptocurrencies in those casinos that are trusted.

Types of bitcoin casino

The use of cryptocurrencies in the field of gambling is becoming more and more popular. Confidential and reliable payment systems are the best for gambling, allowing users to remain in the background and ensuring the most secure transfer of large amounts.

Today there are already more than a dozen different bitcoin casinos. Most of them work with Bitcoin and some of the most popular cryptocurrencies. There are also casinos that accept digital and fiat currencies at the same time.

In a broader sense, bitcoin casinos can be divided into the following categories:

  • Casinos for money. This is the most common type of platform where you need to deposit money to start playing. Bitcoin casinos for money are generally the safest. The administration of the resource relies on attracting new players with the quality of service, and not with free promotions.
  • No deposit bitcoin casinos. This type of casino will be attractive to new players who want to try cryptocurrency betting but do not want to risk real money. In such casinos, after registration, users can receive a small amount of satoshi to start playing without investment. There are also more advanced versions of these casinos with a built-in faucet, where you can receive a small amount of cryptocurrency for playing on an ongoing basis.
  • Casino with a bonus. In institutions of this type, users can get free cryptocurrencies for playing, but for this, you first need to replenish your account. In most cases, new players are entitled to a 100% increase in their first deposit as a bonus. Also, casinos with bonuses usually have a loyalty program for regular customers, cashback, and tournaments.
  • Blockchain casino. Blockchain casinos can be singled out as a separate category, which uses the fundamentals of cryptocurrency — blockchain technology — for their work. Such casinos not only accept cryptocurrencies for paying bets but also have all the advantages of digital coins – anonymity and decentralization.

All of the above species are often intertwined with each other. So, from time to time, casinos that require investments conduct no-deposit promotions for new customers or issue bonuses on first deposits.

What is the difference between blockchain casinos and regular ones?
Blockchain casinos are a completely new type of gambling platform that can provide players with confidence in the fairness of the draws and payouts. One of the main problems of conventional casinos is that all operations, such as draws, and payouts, are carried out on the platform side and remain hidden from users. Blockchain casinos correct this shortcoming.

Casinos based on blockchain technology, thanks to its features, can provide their players with complete control over all operations. Transactions in such casinos are recorded in the blockchain registry, which is a sequential chain of blocks of information. Moreover, each new operation must be consistent with all previous blocks, due to which it cannot be faked. This allows for a higher level of security.

In addition, blockchain casinos are more transparent. The blockchain registry is public, and anyone can track it and check the fairness of the draws and payouts. Bitcoin casinos are decentralized and have no ties to banks. This means that, unlike regular online casinos, no one will be able to arrest or freeze a player’s account.

Also, all bitcoin casinos have the following advantages over regular ones:

  • Anonymity. Cryptocurrency transactions do not require users to provide their personal data, due to which they can remain anonymous.
  • Micro bets. Cryptocurrencies are divided into millions of particles, thanks to which users can easily bet much less than $1.
  • High volatility. The cost of cryptocurrencies is constantly changing, and a sharp increase in the price of BTC will be a pleasant bonus for players.
  • Infinity. Another advantage of a bitcoin casino is that it has no boundaries. You can play in bitcoin casinos and make transactions in cryptocurrency in any country.

An unobvious advantage of blockchain casinos is that by choosing them, players choose new technologies, thereby contributing to their development and distribution.

How to choose a bitcoin casino?

The gambling industry is full of scammers. To avoid unpleasant surprises, you should carefully consider the choice of a new playground and pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Jurisprudence. Today, gambling is legal only in 85 countries, and the vast majority are small island states like Malta. Before registering, make sure that the institution operates legally.
  • License. A conscientious service must have a license for its activities. Its presence indicates the fairness of the game. Documents must be posted on the club’s website in the “About the Company” section.
  • HTTPS protocol. The company’s website must be protected by modern security protocols. When visiting a casino site, make sure that its address starts with HTTPS.
  • Software. Not all institutions talk about the software used and how it works, but if such information is available, then this is an additional advantage.
  • Terms of use. Be sure to read the rules of the site before checking the “I agree” box, thus accepting the user agreement. It may contain many pitfalls, based on which the institution will be able to refuse to pay out.
  • Reputation and reviews. To make the right choice, study the reviews of the casino, and check out its reviews and ratings. But be careful, now there are a lot of custom reviews.


The online gaming and gambling industry has seen tremendous growth since the launch of Bitcoin and blockchain technology. They have used blockchain technology to offer players a limitless gaming experience, hassle-free deposits and withdrawals, and other exciting features.


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