Brighten Up Your Skin With This Simple Orange Peel Method

It is rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants. They protect your skin from free radicals and that way delay aging signs appearance.

On top of fighting free radicals, vitamin C brightens your skin and makes it youthful and glowing. And orange peel contains almost double amount of vitamin C than orange pulp.

Orange peel unclogs your pores, removes blackheads and helps in treating acne.

It contains citric acid, which exfoliates the skin and bleaches dark spots.

You can use orange peel powder to treat the skin damaged by the sun. Essential oils in orange peel have anti-inflammatory properties and soothe irritated skin.

It regulates the sebum production and balances acne prone, oily skin.

It makes the skin soft and smooth and evens out the complexion.

Orange peel makes your skin firm and elastic. It improves collagen production, repairs the skin and improves microcirculation.

Calcium in orange peel helps in renewing skin cells and regenerates the skin

Face masks with orange peel powder refresh and replenish dull skin and make it healthy, glowing and full of life.


Peeled off waste from Orange has anti- bacterial and anti- microbial properties it can be used for many things on the skin and can lighten face.

To use as a mosquito resistance; after peeling your orange don’t throw away the peels i mean the back, just gather them together and dry it for 3 to 4 days allow it to get dried very well.

How to use it

✅ Get charcoal with a little fire on it and place the dried orange peel on it, and the smokes coming out from it kills dose mosquitoes disturbing you. You can place on stove too.

Note: please be careful and watchful when you use stove you can allow the smoke for 50 mins and stop it, open windows with net and allow good air come in.

✅ For pimples press the peel to give you the liquid use it to rub on the spots you have pimples ,do this three times but with gap or 2 or 3 hours and watch the wonder

What Are The Benefits Of Orange Peels?

💡 Orange Peels Help Prevent Cancer

As per studies, the flavonoids in orange peels inhibit a protein (termed as RLIP76) that is linked to cancer. The peels also contain another compound called limonene, which can cut cancer risk.

Other studies speak of the efficacy of citrus peels in general in preventing cancerous activities in remarkable ways.

💡 Improve Lung Health

Thanks to their excellent vitamin C content, orange peels help break down congestion and cleanse the lungs.

Vitamin C also boosts immunity, and this helps ward off and prevent lung infections.

The peels can help you expel phlegm by cleansing your lungs. Enhanced immunity also prevents ailments like cold and flu.

💡 Aids Diabetes Treatment

The peels are rich in pectin, a fiber that is known to regulate blood sugar levels.

This sure can help people with diabetes. Studies have also shown how treatment with orange peel extract can help prevent diabetic nephropathy.

Also, the glycemic load of the fruit is just 5 and this means orange peel causes only a small rise in blood sugar.

💡 Strengthen Heart

Orange peels are rich in a flavonoid called hesperidin, which has shown to lower blood cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

The peel also has anti-inflammatory properties, and since heart disease is caused by inflammation, they can help in this regard.

Another set of compounds in orange peels are the polymethoxylated flavones, which lower cholesterol levels better than certain prescription drugs.

💡 Help In Weight Loss

Oranges are low in calories, which is one reason they are a great addition to a weight loss diet. And they are filled with dietary fiber, which controls your appetite and discourages binging.

Orange peels also contain vitamin C that is known to help burn fat.

💡 Boost Eye Health

Though there is less information on this, some sources say that compounds like limonene, decanal, and citral in orange peels can help boost eye health.

They have anti-inflammatory properties that fight infections and improve vision.

💡 Enhance Digestive Health

The fiber in the fruit peel aids digestion and promotes regularity. Studies also show how citrus fruit peels, in general, have been used since ancient times to treat digestive disorders.

💡 Help Fight Inflammation

One New York study shows how orange peel exhibits excellent anti-inflammatory properties.

Further research tells us how orange peels can suppress inflammation in a way similar to indomethacin, an anti-inflammatory drug.

Also, the flavonoids in orange peels are known to permeate membranes and heal inflammation.

💡 Protect Teeth

Thanks to the antibacterial properties of orange peels, they protect you from dental caries.

Additionally, you can also whiten your teeth using orange peels. The limonene in orange peels also works as a natural scent and solvent. This helps whiten your teeth in a natural way.

💡 Make Skin Glow

Orange peel is considered a boon for the skin as it treats blackheads, dead cells, acne, and blemishes.

It also brightens your face. You can also add milk or curd to get that extra glow or for removing tan.


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