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Adding a goal to website tracking and Facebook advertising management

When designing a website and marketing as a whole, it is a good idea to define common goals. By these goals, SEO company means the functionalities that will be built on the website and the goals that the marketing measures are expected to contribute to. What does a website want to achieve so that it does not remain a static site?

When planning marketing, especially when utilizing digital channels, it is good to understand how the sales of your own business are done through online channels and how the various stages of sales and the customer can be measured. If there is no e-commerce, marketing measures and the functionality of the website can be measured differently. Talk to a digital marketing specialist here.

The website visitor data provides figures on the number of visitors, demographics, and which pages visitors have visited. To go a step further in measuring performance, we can measure the various functionalities of a website, which may include completing a form, subscribing to a newsletter, downloading a guide / other content, or submitting a request for quotation.

Some goals and activities may be directly relevant to revenue (such as e-commerce purchases), but I wouldn’t underestimate, for example, measuring newsletter subscriptions: more content can influence a customer’s decision-making. Purchasing may not be as straightforward, and for that, it’s a good idea to identify a variety of smaller milestones that may be relevant to the customer’s buying process and increase the likelihood of a customer relationship emerging.

Add a goal to Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides comprehensive data, but in many cases, the goals and adding them to your tracking have not been completed. Google Analytics is a great tool for analysing the number of visitors to your site, but it is possible to add functionality to your site, such as e-commerce purchases, submitting a request form, sign-ups, or contacting you.

The video below will guide you through adding a goal to Google Analytics. This setting is not enabled by default when Google Analytics is added to a website, but goals should be added to the tracking itself. The simple goal in this example is a form that, when submitted, opens a thank you page. These goals can be e.g. registering, soliciting, contacting or subscribing to a newsletter. If the website forms do not have a thank you page, it is possible to track through Google Tag Manager or in collaboration with the website author.

Adding Custom Conversion to Facebook Advertising Management

Google Analytics gathers information about marketing results through set goals or events that can be viewed from the perspective of visitor traffic. In order to have a comprehensive view of your marketing performance, it’s a good idea to make sure that you can also track the performance of your paid visibility at the same time. For example, Facebook and Google Analytics show slightly different numbers, so it’s a good idea to add tracking to both Google Analytics as a goal and to manage your advertising as your own goal/conversion. Here’s a video below on how to add conversion tracking to your Facebook advertising management with custom conversions.

There is a Facebook pixel in Facebook’s advertising management that should first be added to the website’s tracking. The pixel tracks site visits by default, but the tracking code can be supplemented with standard functionality or custom conversions. Custom conversions are goals based on, for example, a visit to a specific page, so you don’t need coding skills to add that goal. If more information is needed for tracking, for example in connection with measuring e-commerce, or if there is no thank you page, you should contact an expert in this case.


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