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The benefits of herbs are endless! They can be eaten to boost all-round health or better still, burned to make your home fragrant and filled with all the positive energy you need to get you through every day. If you think you don’t have a stronghold in spirituality, give burning these plants a trial. Caution: you may never want to stop!
If there is one thing to be grateful for about social media, it is how it efficiently raises awareness about natural remedies like those outlined in this piece. One interesting subject commonly discussed by social influencers as well as wellness blogs is the act of using a smoke cleanse to ward off negative energy.

Sage, especially the white sage, is the most common herb used to ward off negative energy.

Salvia Apina, also known as California White Sage, is a herb that is used to bless, heal, and purify any person or object.

The white sage is continuously in demand, and while that proves its effectiveness, it is starting to raise concern that it might become extinct. Thankfully, many other herbs are just as useful!

2. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is commonly used to spice food and pastries, but did you know that it holds cleansing qualities when burnt?

Burning a cinnamon stick promotes a clean space, and enhances a person’s psychic ability while raising their spiritual vibrations. It is also believed to promote healing, love, success.

3. Lavender

Lavenders smell very lovely when burnt, and they are known to have therapeutic effects like relaxation, calmness and generally, boost your mood. It is also believed that Lavender can help heal trauma, grief, and relieve anxiety and depression.

4. Rosemary

This common houseplant is easy to grow, can be used to spice food and even better, can ward off negative energy from your home. Need any more convincing? The rosemary is said to improve memory!

5. Cedar

Cedar is commonly believed to promote love, good health, power and longevity. If burnt, it can be used to cleanse and purify a place or specific objects.

6. Juniper

When burned, Juniper can protect against accidents and theft. It also promotes calmness and wards off negativity.

7. Bay Leaves 

Last but not least are bay leaves which are commonly used for a smoke cleanse. They harbour the power of removing negativity, evil spirits and can create psychic visions. It is also said that they can relieve anxiety.

On a final note, remember to practice fire safety when performing a smoke cleanse.


This has nothing to do with evil and the herb are more of scent leave and three other herbs that works effectively.
“The flavour of favour is spiced with mercy! 

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