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1Nairashop.com: Your one-stop Online Store for Quality and Affordable Goods

1Nairashop.com: Your one-stop Online Store for Quality and Affordable Goods

There’s a new online retail store on the block, and it’s called 1Nairashop. Most people today love buying things online and prefer online stores to physical stores because of services like home delivery, and while some brands like Jumia, Konga, Dealdey, etc… have established themselves in the minds of many, 1Nairashop is set to put them on the hot seat by providing services never before offered by online stores.

Though not exactly new, 1Nairashop has been operating for some months now in Nigeria under the website www.1nairashop.com and have managed to gain the trust of many Nigerian buyers and sellers alike. Here’s a brief history of 1Nairashop.

About 1Nairashop

1Nairashop was launched in Nigeria to cater to the digital and otherwise needs of customers with the best offers and prices available.

The inspiration for the name ‘1Nairashop’ came from popular foreign stores 1dollarshop.com and 1pound.com, where all goods are sold below 1 dollar and 1 pound respectively. Though it isn’t practically possible for a store to sell goods below one naira and still remain steadily on its feet, 1Nairashop tries its best to make a representation as close to that as possible. That’s why you see so many goods being sold at very cheap prices on their website, prices cheaper than even those found on Jumia, Konga and the rest.

The 1Nairashop brand was launched in Nigeria with a motto: “One Kobo, one satisfaction”. As to whether they have been keeping up with their promises of quality products at very cheap prices, see the pictures below.

1nairashop star ratings
1nairashop facebook page

In the short time they’ve been in business, they’ve managed to amass over 30,000 likes on their facebook page, and the company is well known even outside of the shores of Nigeria. Even till today, when you visit www.1nairashop.com you’ll always see eye-popping deals and items on sale.

1Nairashop Services

The services offered by 1Nairashop.com are those offered by normal online retail stores, with some other services not previously offered by any online retail store prior to 1Nairashop.

  1. Product Sales

    On 1Nairashop.com, you can shop for and buy any product and device you want in a wide variety of categories. Currently, products in the following categories are being sold on 1NairaShop.

    • Mobile Phones and Accessories
    • Tablets and Accessories
    • Smart devices and gadgets
    • Laptops/Computers and Accessories
    • Kids Products/Toys
    • Health Gadgets
    • Fashion/Beauty Products
    • Electronics
    • And many more…

    You can find any product or goods you want from any of the categories below on 1Nairashop.com at cheap prices.

  2. Branding Services

    1Nairashop also offers branding services for any type of product. You can order a product from any of the categories above, and then request that there products be branded with anything of your choice, either a company logo, or a name…etc. It’s the first of its kind.

  3. Buy Direct (BD)

    Buy Direct (BD) is another outstanding service currently being rendered by 1Nairashop.com. They connect small-scale resellers here in Nigeria with small factories abroad, so instead of buying from Aliexpress, you can now buy goods from factories in China, USA or Vietnam directly, through 1Nairashop Buy Direct Service. This helps in no small ways to give small-scale businessmen in Nigeria a better chance at surviving in the competitive importation industry, and will of course maximize your profit as a reseller.

Can 1Nairashop be trusted?

Since its inception in 2015, 1Nairashop has been striving to establish trust of its brand in the minds of its consumers by offering quality customer service and super-fast delivery. This has paid off tremendously, in that the company now has massive followership on social media platforms Facebook and Twitter, with their Facebook Page amassing over 32K followers, and their Twitter handle having a reasonable amount of followers with their customers attesting to their quality service, as shown in the pictures above. And another thing is that we at Gadgets NG are talking about them, so we vouch for them and their integrity. Therefore do not be afraid to transact business with 1NairaShop.

1NairaShop Contact Information

The online portal of 1Nairashop can be accessed by going to www.1nairashop.com. However, if you still want physical proof of existence, relax, they’ve got a physical office here in Nigeria.

    1Nairashop Office AddressB67 Asset Corp Plaza, 21 Obafemi Awolowo Way, Ikeja Lagos.-1Nairashop¬†Phone Contact08095000097,09050505051–¬†No.15 Ola -Ayeni Street- Glory Plaza, Computer Village, Ikeja Lagos

So visit 1Nairashop today and start getting your favorite products at the cheapest prices possible in Nigeria.

If you have any questions concerning the website or company being discussed, or you need additional info concerning their services, kindly mention it in the comments section below.

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