How to Work with a Private Blog Network?

How to Work with a Private Blog Network?Google algorithms highly appreciate and value the link factors. No wonder, that site developers spend their resources in order to build links and get good dynamics. However, in some areas with a small number of donors, natural backlinking is challenging. These sites have to create links on other websites and try to give them a natural look. 

Is there another good and reliable way to improve link statistics and create traffic? The best option for this purpose is pbn – what is pbn we discuss in this article. 

PBN: general idea

PBN means a private blog network that consists of websites group linked together by back weblink. The minor sites are generally named satellites. They provide the needed amount of links to the main project. If your business area lacks link-building and there are no other opportunities, PBNs become the greatest option ever.

However, one should remember that Google considers PBNs as a violation of its rules. When the webmaster creates such multiple projects he has to be very careful to not be considered spam. If such a situation happens the fines are really high. Moreover, the network can be blocked without any hope of recovery.

Therefore, the main task for PBNs users is to optimize links and stay protected from search engine queries. The network should look as natural as possible and this task is really challenging.

PBN: principle of work

The developer of a PBN creates and links all resources to the main one. Then it will lead to promotion in a certain area. There is also another strategy, namely the development of multiple websites without the main focus on a single one. 

Building a link mass itself takes a lot of energy and financial resources. Sometimes links reach thousands of dollars and more in their costs, so owners do not want to deal with them. 

IN such cases PBN becomes a great option if it is used wisely and Google does not discover any link exchange. That means that measures should be taken for protection against penalties. 

The PBN effectiveness depends on the working mode with its resources. When a developer uses expired domains and the content possesses a low quality, the main site will not get high positions in rankings and search results. 

To give a great value PBN has to comprise resources that look independent and their quality should be appropriate. It helps to avoid fines and to get the needed result.


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