Warning ! Current Whatsapp Video Calling Is A Scam!

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Update!  WhatsAPP Video call is now officially available to iOS , Android and Windows devices

I got this Status Update from a Friend’s Facebook update,so I decided to share it with you guys.

Good day ladies and gentlemen. If you have not been invited to install Whatsapp Video calling, congratulations, if you have been invited and you ignored, good for you.

A message is currently going around now where a link will be sent to you and once you click, it will take you to a page where you input your phone number. Once you type your number and click on “Continue”, that will be the end!

The message comes in this form; “Hey, I am inviting you to activate WhatsApp Video Calling. Click here to Activate –> http://whatsapp.videocallinginvite.com”

The website videocallinginvite.com was registered in December 27, 2015 (less than a month ago) under GoDaddy, and the NS are NS1.DIGITALOCEAN.COM and NS2.DIGITALOCEAN.COM. This shows clearly that the server is not from Whatsapp, because even before Facebook bought Whatsapp in 2014, Whatsapp clouded their server, and after Facebook bought them, the contents was moved to another server.

whatsapp Video call

Again, the url is nothing but fraud because you cannot create primary sub domain from a secondary URL. E.g, if the URL of Nigerian government is nigeria.gov, you can’t tell Nigerians to visit nigeria.kogi.gov and claim that the website is from Nigerian government. Therefore the url of this purported Whatsapp Video Call cannot be whatsapp.videocallinginvite.com. Even the URL for desktop integration of Whatsapp chat is web.whatsapp.com, so if Whatsapp want to create video calls, it will be a name.whatsapp.com, not the other way round.

The guy/guys that registered this domain did it to extract as many numbers as possible. What they want to use it for, I don’t know. But I so much believe that if routing can be possible, if cloning of websites can be possible, cloning of numbers can also be achieved. Though I’m thinking that the people behind this wickedness are looking for numbers of influential people, but nothing can be ignored, anything can happen. Don’t forget that you can be tracked with your phone, and your conversation can also be tapped. Therefore we can’t rule out anything.

Please when anybody send you a similar link, ignore completely to avoid the story that touch!


Whatsapp Video Call feature is reportedly in the making, but no such updates is officially available at the Moment, it will probably come as an app update and not through some phishing website.

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  1. So what happens if you click this link? I and many of my friends have been tricked by this. Does it install a virus? It appears to be downloading and installing something after you click the link. Is it dangerous and is there any remediation?

    1. What actually happens afterward is not clear to me,but it is obvious the numbers are been obtained for Spamming /hacking purposes

      1. So having made this mistake are this some prudent steps to take? For example are there logs I should examine? Are there any support sites that may guide me to look for Trojan horses?
        Are there any sites that can debug the fake WhatsApp site?
        Finally should I get a factory reset on my phone now?

  2. Nigerians love to experiment with their mobile phones. Imagine using Wikipedia on whatsapp via some Indian number.

    Anyways, for those that “have seen the light”, I think the first step to take is to identify whatever was downloading on your phone when you clicked the link, delete and remove it, then use a good antivirus software like avast to thoroughly scan your device. Next time don’t jump into stuff you didn’t verify it’s authenticity.

    1. Thanks for your response. I ended up completely resetting and reloading my phone. I will be much more careful going forward. Unfortunately the Wikipedia thing went over my head. A newbie thing 🙂

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