Top online casino sites that accept Skrill. Worth it or not?


According to online players, Skrill is a popular payment system on the market. Formerly known as MoneyBookers, Skrill is a globally renowned electronic wallet managed by the giant PaySafe. It is used by millions of users who use it to pay for purchases or to deposit and withdraw money on online casino platforms. 

Skrill is a payment solution providing its users with various benefits and advantages. Professionals have thoroughly investigated top online casino sites that accept Skrill, and the findings objectively show all of the value there is to learn about it. In what follows, you will get an overview of its advantages and an assessment of its disadvantages, in addition to the information concerning the specifics of its availability in online casinos.

Advantages and disadvantages of Skrill

As soon as Skrill entered the highly competitive payment services market, it was not long before it established itself among the leaders. Its notoriety is partly justified by the many advantages it offers :

  • A straightforward and fast account opening process
  • Free transfers
  • The security of transactions and the protection of your bank details
  • The speed of payments
  • The possibility of having a physical and virtual Mastercard prepaid credit card
  • Relatively low service fees
  • Special features for VIP customers
  • Accessibility on physical, online, and mobile devices

Skrill is not without its drawbacks. 

  • All e-commerce sites and online gaming platforms do not accept this payment method.
  • The deadlines for the availability of transferred funds are relatively long for checks.
  • The currency conversion fee of 3.99%.

Availability of Skrill 

Skrill is one of our planet’s most popular payment services, and it is available in many countries worldwide. Both individuals and merchants or professionals widely adopt the solution for their payment operations.

Due to its reputation, reliability, and practicality, it quickly began competing with reputable services like PayPal. Unfortunately, the latter is not accepted in most casinos, so, logically, skrill has positioned itself as an alternative of choice in terms of preferred payment methods for online casinos.

Features of casino payments with Skrill

The Skrill payment method has its characteristics, features, and specificities that may differ from other solutions you already had to use. At this level, Skrill provides you with all the precise details regarding the minimum / maximum amount for transactions, the time frame, and any fees and commissions related to the use of skrill.

Withdrawals with Skrill

This electronic wallet offers you a simple and complete payment method. In short, you can use it to fund your player account and withdraw your winnings from your online casino account. The process is fast and straightforward, and you can easily withdraw from the bank if you have a card. 

Legality of Skrill

Skrill in a casino is perfectly legal. It is one of the most used ways to pay for online services/purchases and receive or transfer money from one account to another. Its great success has associated it with most platforms wishing to offer convenient payment solutions to their players. The latter can therefore use it without fear because it is legal.


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