Innjoo Leap Versus Innjoo Leap 2

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Today we’re going to be comparing Innjoo leap   2 to its predecessor the Innjoo leap. Innjoo made very minute adjustment ,alteration or if you like improvement  to the innjoo leap, but are they enough to make you have a change of mind? Well, without wasting any more of your time, let’s going ahead and find out…


[table id=35 /]

As we can see from the brief specs above,the innjoo leap 2 is not much of an improvement over the innjoo leap.The only notable difference is the weight,color and obviously the internet option.

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2 Replies to “Innjoo Leap Versus Innjoo Leap 2”

  1. mj

    Comment…I called d jumia customer care, n d lady said d two tabs can’t make normal calls. buh can make Skype calls, n she was trying to convince me to get anoda tab coz d leap 2 is out of stock. I luv d leap 2 , buh can it make n rciv normal calls?

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