(Updated January 2017)Where To Repair Damaged Infinix Phones for Free In Nigeria

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We  have received a lots of complains about the infinix zero phones from users of the infinix zero.Prominent among these complains are cracked/damaged screen,hotness of the phone,hanging and spontaneous rebooting.If you bought the infinix zero phone and accidentally got a damaged screen,i have good news for you.

You can now get your damaged screen replaced free of charge at the nearest infinix Carlcare Service .You can vist one of the offices closest to you,call carlcare hot line on 09 099 922 417 within the hours of 9am – 5pm.All you need do to get your damaged screen fixed  is walk into any of the Carlcare centre with your damaged phone and official receipt of purchase.

List of Carlcare Offices in Nigeria

You can use  the Calcare APP on your infinix  phone to find the nearest carlcare  centre or refer to the list below

Address: 2nd Floor, NO.77, Opebi Road, Ikeja, Lagos State
Tel:         +234 80022752273

Victoria Island,    Nigeria

No.55,Kofo Abayomi Avenue Apapa,Lagos.

+234 8091339530


Address: No 25, Beirut Road, Kano, Nigeria

Tel:         +234 8096969680

Tel: +234 8177250277

Add:44B New MarketRoadOnitsha,1st Floor.

Address: Isolak Building, Queen Elizabeth Road, Ibadon, Oyo State, Nigeria

Tel:        +2347027104664, +2347066085854

Address: 1st Floor, 16 Gwani Street, off IBB Way, Wuse Zone 4, FCT, Abuja

Tel:           +234 8181176195

Port Harcourt

Address: No 290 Aba Road, Port Harcourt, River State of Nigeria
Tel: +234 9099515582
Address: G5/F6 Ya Ahmed House,3rd Floor,Ahmed Bello Way,Kaduna

Tel:       +234 9095724673


Address:No.5/7 Isekhere Street,off Ibewe Road,Ring Road Benin City.

Tel:           +234 8172951002


Please note Free screen replacement is only valid for first time damage within the 6 months warranty period and do not forget Terms and conditions  also apply.


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      1. my infinx hot 4 pro display crack i want change orignel display plz i want saudi arebia jeddah service center adress & contect no i m cell bying online wadi .com but this site no rep plz halp me my cell no 00966592385175

    1. Ma infinix screen is cracked up tourch pad. Not workin ….I av ma recipt buh I dint buy it from slot I bot it. From local phone dealers….do I av any chances Mr IGE

      1. Sorry for the crack,but u possibly cant fix it free since you bought it from a local dealer,you can still take it to carlcare but you will be charged for it

        1. hello please my infinix hot note, the screen has not crack but when i wanted to access an app on it. i find it difficult please what is the cause?

  2. Shittu Nimottah, [email protected].I can see d month u published d msg to we dat using ur phone. Two week ago I went to ur here in abuja to change my x500 screen believe me I paid #9000+ today my husband went to d same place for battery problem is not solve they said he should paid #5000 to work it out for him pls tell me what is free from all dis problem. u van see we are u family product phone but not enjoying it.pls my hubby battery is down and d phone is hot and rebooting it self.hummm, how can all dis problem be solve?

  3. my infinix race eagle battery is swollen,i bought it in Ibadan at isolak building but i went there to buy another battery,i was told the battery is no longer available and i have to come to Lagos,i thought at least since that’s the place i got the phone maybe a little assistance can be rendered but the guy in charge there said i have to go to Lagos that he cant help me get the battery.i really need the battery

  4. I buy Souq.com mobile Infinix Zero X506, But yesterday night mobile screen a damaged, Can’t a Please possible to change screen??? But one possible I’m in Saudi Arabia how and where i fix this screen??? Please…

    I’m looking forward to for reply.

  5. the Carlcare might have made some people happy but not me cos I took lnfinix race bolt Q aka x451 to the center at 2nd Floor, NO.77, Opebi Road, Ikeja,
    Lagos State, because its not powering and always get hot when ever I try to turn it on and they told me that they do not have the materials for repair so I should go and swap the phone. to my greatest surprise am getting a techno m3 which is 14800 naire for a phone of 28500 naire and as just been used for seven months. I would rather wait even if it takes the next seven year to get the materials for my phone than to swap.

  6. My wife uses the infinix diamond 1 week after purchase the charger stopped working so she shared my bb charger. I bought the infinix zero from Konga and barely 1 day of use i notice the flashlight is faulty, i informed Konga and it was replaced after 2 weeks still with the same problem, i decided to continue use like that, just after 3 weeks of use i notice the charging point has a problem, i took it to infinix repair centre to be collected after a week from that time, and now just got it with the same problem again ‘NOT FIXED’. However this is my conclusion, infinix phones are inferior, i cant buy any again and will not advice anybody i know to buy. Cheap useless phones that they make!!!

      1. pls my infinix zero got cracked and i went to carlcare opebi on monday 13th july,2015 i was told to pay 8,000 for the screen replacement, i got angry and left. what do i do? i bought it from jumia

  7. Hi Ige. My infinix zero screen is broken, but it’s over 6 months since I bought it and I don’t have the receipt with me at present. Do you think I can still take it to Carl care service centre at Ikeja and pay to get it fixed? And do you have an idea of the price?

    1. Sorry about that,since you not longer covered by warranty,you can take it to carl care center closest to you to get it fixed for a PRICE.I cannot say what it will take u to fix it

  8. pls my inifix phone bought 7 month ago no longer booting after prolong hotness anytime am using it i have 365 warrant written on the cover and just about 7mnths old since i bought it. i got ur address now in lagos pls what is the probable reason for the damage and at what amountdo you think i should hold while going to your office in Lagos for repairing?

    also i bought it at slot and the computer generated receipt is clean up from it paper but i have card reader and the pack hope this will not be another problem.


          1. its ibvious u rili dnt hv any solution for anybody here. u hv a set of premaditated answers. pls u and ur company shld go look for another job. na ppl wey dey ask u questions i even blame sef. yamayama

          2. I have stated it before now and am repeating it again,this blog is not an agent or representative of INFINIX MOBILE,information provided here are just for users sake.The only answer i can give u is to direct you to where the INFINIX CARLCARE office is in your location,they are in a better position to give you details,so stop the chanting here

  9. dear Ige,

    kindly help out i bought an infinix zoro phone and it fell with a broken screen glass. i took it back to calcare center in VI for more than two weeks for screen replacement. the main issue now is that they don’t even have a specific day it will be repair. am feed up.

    1. Sorry about that Lanre,but unfortunately there isn’t anything i can do from my end.I suggest you keep on disturbing them,and also post it on infinix mobile timeline of Facebook for possible help.

  10. dear Ige,

    I have infinix zoro white with me dat i bought last year and it,s fall from me nd the back glass break nd screen broke too wat can i do to it nd screen touch its not working again kindly help me wat can i do to it

  11. Pls d numbers you displayed for contacting the calcare enter isn’t going through. Are there any other numbers through which they can be reached?

  12. I used my infinix zero for just 3wks and d phone fell off my hands and resulted to a screen damaged, and. Even when i got it the sim 2 was not working, i said to myself since i have just 1 sim let me ingor that and use it like that, na wah ooo from all the comments am reading here that means this infinix of a phone is rubbish, i addvice people not to think of invisting thr money in that phone.

  13. I bought my infinx zero exactly two wks ago bt sim port 1 got damaged while trying to insert my sim. I live in akure and carlcare’s office is nt here…ow can u help me. Thanks

    1. Call or email Konga or where ever you bought it from.A friend who bought from Konga had similar experience ,so he returned it to Konga .You can do likewise if you stil have the receipt/teller from them.

  14. Please, i purchased my Infinix joypad 10 in ibadan, Nigeria about 8 months ago, however today it refused to come on and i am presently in India.
    Is there an office around here, preferrably New delhi that I can go to have it fixed?

  15. I bought Infinix Race Eagle since June, 2013 and it’s been malfunctioning for about 6 months now, I have taken it to Port Harcourt Carlcare center, they took 5k from me and gave me the phone back after like 2 months coming and going back and forth but was told told Racbe Eagle is no longer in the market (obsolete) my 5k wasn’t returned and also no parts to fix the phone and it could not be traded for another one since the warantee period is over.
    What should I do in this scenerio?

    1. Sorry for the late response sir,Am short of what advise to give simply cos you have been to the carlcare centre which is the authorised repair centre.My advise is take every words they told u as it is Go for another phone if possible

  16. I locked my infinix Hot with Pattern but i could not remember the pattern since sunday, so i don’t have access to the phone. what do i do?

    1. Have you ever accessed your Google account through the fone? If yes then follow the on screen instruction using your google account login detals,or alternatively you can hard reset

  17. Hi Ige, I want to know if I can swap my Phantom A+ @ CarlCare. Its a techno product and earlier post are about Infinix.

    Anticipating a response pls. Thanks

  18. I buy Souq.com mobile Infinix Zero X506, But yesterday night the screen of my mobile got damaged and the touch sensor is also not working, can it be possible to change the screen???
    It’s been just 2 months i’ve bought this mobile…..I’m in Pakistan…. how and where i fix this screen??? Please help me.

    Looking forward to have quick reply.


  19. The back glass of my infinix zero got broken recently. Please I would like to know if the phone warranty covers the cost of replacing the broken back cover / glass.


  20. Hi Ige,

    My infinix zero screen just got broken yesterday and it still 4months old i bought it from Konga….. can i get it “Fix Free” if i go to Carlcare in Opebi,..

    Thank you,

  21. The back glass of my infinix zero got broken recently. Please I would like to know for how long replacing the broken back cover / glass will take .


  22. Hi, Please my infinix hot just fell now and refuse to display, although i can recieve message but it is not displaying. just dark blank.
    Please what can i do?

    1. Sorry about that,check the list for the infinix carlcare center closest to your location for a possible repair free of charge if you are still covered by warranty

  23. My infinix zero screen got broken and i went to your service outlet at city plaza 3rd floor, D45, no 13 okwei str onitsha, but was told your people are no longer there. Pls, where is your service outlet in onitsha. I need to get it fixed asap. Tanx…

  24. Pls it possible to get the infiniz zero repaired without getting to the carl care center.IRS the Issue of Sim 1 not detected.
    It seems Infinix is no go area now.just love my phone but will soon stop living it due to this various issue bin raise by people.
    Which will u recommend over it.looking forward to or reply.won’t mind a reply on Whats appp too.08038076660.
    Thanks alot

    1. It is advisable you take it to caecare office for more assurance of good repair.If you intend going for another brand and you are financially capable,then Samsung galaxy may be good for you.

  25. Pls where is the current calcare location in abj or infinix office….cuz i went to banex nd was told dey av relocated
    relocated elsewher

    1. Thanks for pointing this out,it has been updated to reflect the new address,Abuja

      Add: 1st Floor, 16 Gwani Street, off IBB Way, Wuse Zone 4, FCT, Abuja.
      Tel: +234 8181176195

  26. I bought my infinix zero December 2014 and the screen cracked or damaged since January, I only used it for one month. please where can I fix it for free in VI lagos

          1. Victoria Island, Nigeria

            Tel:+234 8066153123

            +234 9039209279

            Add: 1205,Ahmodu Ojikutu Street, off Bishop Oluwole Street, Victoria island, Lagos.

  27. Comment…I purchase infinix x507 bt the micro-sim slut is not detected am only using 1sim pls can dey repair it…bcoz is making d phone unjoyable..pls I need help urgently

    1. Are u sure you inserted the SIM well? Well am not sure if there is any Carlcare centre in Delta,u may go to the nearest Slot for a possible repair or if you bought it recently and the fault came with the phone out of the box,you can return it to point of purchase

  28. I bought an infinix zero but unfortunately inserted the sim wrongly which leads to the slot damage of sim1 this morning,how can I go about it.

  29. Hi, My Infinix Is 3 Months Old. It Fell And D Back Screen Is Completely Damaged. This Affected D Sim Port As Both Sims Are Not Being Recognized. Does My Warranty Cover That Too? From Benin

  30. i bought my infinix zero x506 last month at slot(ikeja) nd it fell drop yesterday, plz…..can i take it bck to slot?? is thr any guaranty covering that??

  31. My brother, I was one of those who bought and sold this infinix zero to plenty of my colleagues in the office. One by one, they are all returning to me to replace screen for them or other problems. In fact, when I told them that the repair centre nearest to Makurdi was Abuja, they conspired and brought all the phones for me to buy them!!!!! I am here, not knowing how to satisfied these noble customers in this case. Can you advise? But to be sincere, this phone failed! I have an LG C660 that I bought second hand 3 years ago for just 15k, it has gone through thick and thin, but it is what I am using to send this message. The infinix zero I bought for myself on 20th Sept 2014, has joined the piles of infinix in my house. Please just advise me…..

    1. I beleieve you didn’t force the phone on them,if am right they saw the phone with you and liked it,so they have no reason to behave the way they have done,moreover you are not the phone Manufacturer.
      The only advise i have now is to try visit SLOT in your state to see if they have remedy since ABJ may be too far for you.


  32. techno phones are far better than this infinix, the hotness of the fone wen charging ts like u are cooking the fone on fire, woke up this morning around 4am cos d alarm woke me up, just to snooze it,ts got hang,i could nt shut d fone down,and d alarm has been ringing. is their a way i can stop this alarm from ringing,cos am tired of this noise,d alarm stops at a point nd later pick up,is it possible ts stops wen d ba3 is weak.tired much.

  33. After all d time wasted going to slot, i was issued a receipt to b taken to carlcare opebi for d free repair of my infinix zero screen.
    WHen i got to there, i was told d material for d phone was nt available yet nd was given 2phone numbers to call if the materials are ready, but…….both numbers as been switched off till now.

  34. my x507 got broken screen and i didn’t buy it from infinix office but i ve the reciept, can they fix it free or less amount for me

  35. Ema by name from lagos. please my infinix x507 screen got smashed and i want to replace the screen immediately as the phone is not working for now and meanwhile this is the second month that i just bought the phone.thanks for your urgent expecting respond.

    1. First,i love to know where you bought the phone from,if you bought it from Jumia/konga you can easily take the phone to the nearest Carlcare centre closest to your location for possible fix,and do not forget to go with your receipt of purchase

  36. Comment…my infinix hot screen got damaged,because it fell on the ground,and I went to your office at lagos ikeja,and I was told that the screen is no longer available,pls were can I get another screen because am missn my phone ooo,pls do something

  37. Please, My Infinix Hot X507 screen mistakenly got broken, I bought the phone from Konga, Can it be done at Carlcare for free??

  38. Comment…pls I just bought the new infinix hot note and it mistakenly fell off my hand today. Can I also fix it in ur branch office in Abuja. Also where can I get screen guard for the phone cos d phone is very fragile….. I got d phone last week..

  39. i bought my phone on 20th of October 2014, around january it fell, and d screen got damagd, it was last week that i got to knw there is free screen replacement,,,will they be able to fix mine cos(itz now 6months and 18 dayz)

    1. They will be able to fix it,but not sure if it would be FOC cos it is over six months now,but u can just give it a trial afterall its just some days over six months

  40. pls d IBADAN address is not clear enough,(cos m coming frm Osogbo),,where exactly is Isolak, eg Iwo road

  41. Comment…the back of my infinix zero phone broke but the phone is not up to six months, does the warranty cover that?

  42. Hello sir,I just switched off my fone n remove the memory card and to on it back is not responding till now…I just bought it 2wks ago I got it frm a phone seller at abkt and it was bought frm jumia cos der sticker is der….just no

  43. I was given an infinix x530..d fone fell and d screen broke..am still within d warranty period of 365 days but not with d reciept…what can i do?Wil it stil be repair for free?

  44. I bourght an Infinix Zero Phone though Konga online stores on 26/10/2014, the phone dropped on the floor and does not power on, i brought it to your carlcare on 4/3/2015 for repair, i was not provided any update, i was calling almost every day, at a point, someone told me there is no material now and on friday 17/4/2015, alsmot two month, i called again and one of your agent now said i should come and re-reprent the phone for repair, i came all away from Apapa, only to be told that it can’t be fixed, there is no battery now. This is sadning about your company, a phone under warrantte. I collected it and left, but I will not keep quite, i will go on facebook, twitter and Google to tell my story of the treatment meted out to me.

    I am a customer srvicve provider too, but i can’t see this with your company

    1. Hello
      Sorry for the bad experience at the INFINIX CARLCARE center {note that ebimablog is same as infinix and not in partnership with them}unfortunately there is not much i can say or do from this end,mine is to spread the info which i have done via this post.

      The center you went to is a representative of INFINIX MOBILITY and i believe whatever they told you there supersedes whatever i say here.
      Once again sorry for the bitter experience.

      1. Hello Ige,

        thanks for your response, but note that when i didn’t get solution to my phone not powering on, i took it back to the infinix warranty centre at opebi, ikeja on thursday 23/4/2015 again.

        I was told it will be done in two weeks time again, the WO Number is LF1359509. my contact no now is 08032022710, i want this phone done, is there any assistance that can render from you to fix it please.

        I shall looking forward to hearing from you,


  45. Comment…I purchased infinix x800 last year June and the screen of the tab got broken,I was directed to opebi carlcare office where I was informed to swap the phone but presently their was no swapping phone in stock while the lady that attended to me gave me a piece of paper which has a carlcare hotline gsm no,but it is quite rather unfortunate that this hotline always got engaged and if evetually the number enters,their will be no response from the carlcare service center,pls Ige,kindly help us to look into this issues,is quite becoming worrisome.thanks

  46. Comment…They are called infinix hot, y d fone no go dey hot like fire wen in use or charging…… lol…….. hahaha, sorry ooooooo cheap Hong Kong Rubish.

  47. My Infinix Zero Gold,barely two weeks i got it someone sat on it,the screen broke and the touch pad is bad,went to Slot and they told me #15000 to repair it,but with all this am reading why waste my money,because more faults are on the way……Infinix and Tecno don’t know which is worse

  48. ..hi…..could u pls tell me wen the infinix zero screen will b available? I av issues with my screen n I was told by the carlcare in Ibadan DAT its not available…… Also d customer care line I was given neva goes thru

  49. Comment…my own phone is broken I went to Aba road your service center to
    fix it, they said I have to pay 7k to change the screen. Call me on 08033845867 how to go about this it’s under Warranty.

  50. I bought my infinix zero from konga on the 10th of feb 2015 and last month the screen got broken i went to the so called carlcare and they gave me some numbers which they’ve never picked the call for once telling me that there are no materials for the useless phone screen, only for my cousin to get there with the phone yesterday they had the nerves to collect #11500 from him even with the receipt of purchase from konga. i will go back to lagos again next week and they have to refund me my that money…

  51. Hi,my infinix hot X507 dropped inside water and the touch pad is not working with broken screen,I bought from store but not up to six month with my receipt.How will I repair it,I WS told to go to Infinix office for repairance,I’m in Abeokuta now.

  52. Good Afternoon,
    Please, I have an X-Touch phone which I accidentally damaged its screen. I dont know if it can be replace in your office. I dont mind paying for the repair. Thank you.

    Mr. Wahab from Abeokuta.

  53. Comment…pls my race maxQ Got locked.does the warranty cover that cos its bearly 5mnths.and also i would like to swap nd add more money for a new one.can dis b done at d carlcare centre?thanks in anticipation for ur reply Mr Ige

    1. It got locked as in you cant have access to the phone menu? if u cant find a way to get it fixed,go to the next infinix carlcare centre,they should get it fixed FOC,but doubt if it can be swap for a new one

  54. Comment…Please I bot X507 Buh cant slot d second sim bcos d sim2 port is Small for d Normal sim. Does hav its special sim or wat can I do.

  55. Pls. I just bought infinix hot note 3 days ago but the charger is faulty. Because it charge for 5 secs and stop. Since then I have been using my blackberry charger. What can I do

  56. i bought my infinix zero its still under one (1) year warranty, but i don’t know where the receipt is. and its damage, the phone repairer said the battery is bad. pls i need my phone back, what do i do.

  57. Comment…just got an infinix hot note. Anytime I take a picture it tells me cannot generate thumbnail. What do I do

  58. Hello, pls my infinix zero fall down today and d back is seriously broken. Pls if I want to repair it how much wuld it cost me at carlcare. I got d phone December.

  59. My infinix Zero jus got broken and is over 6months warranty.
    pls like how much should I be expect to repair it.

  60. Pls ma infinix zero screen jst got broken..tok it wer i bot it and i was told it wld snt to calcare centre in lagos bt i wld b chargd abt 11k nd d phone is jst 2month old..pls am confused..i live in makurdi

    1. Sorry about that sir.
      This is one reason we advise you buy your Infinix phones online.Abuja is closer to Markurdi than Lagos if am right,so Abj should be a better alternative.I advise you ignore what your seller told you fixing infinix zero screen is free within first six months of purchase.

  61. Hi! My infinix zero sim1 slot isn’t detecting my sim and I hear it’s a common problem with infinix zero. I bought it on Jumia. What can I do pls?

  62. I took my infinix zero to carlcare in port harcourt for over three weeks now I haven’t heard from them and I have been trying their office number itz not going through. What should I do now @ mr IGE EBIMA?

  63. Bought my infinix hot note 4 days ago and its fell down dis evening and d screen broke… Bt i bought in a local dealer at bt i av my receipt… Will i be charged for d repair… If yes how much pls

  64. pls my infinix zero back case is badly damage can I get it repaired dere too?
    I need reply urgently please. unfortunately I got it from a friend,wat will I be asked to produce?

  65. Hello..my infinix zero x506 hooks nd suddenly goes off then come on again…pls what’s problem nd how can i solve it?…i stay in benin tho

  66. Can infinix back glass be repair…… Coz mine just got broken and d battery is really showing and it really disturbing d service….. Please I need reply?????????

  67. plz deir is no carlcare in Akure ondo state. how will i repair it plz. because am about to go to slot for the repair and i dnt know how many weeks will it take?

  68. I purchased infinix zero last year september,
    the screen got broken two days ago.
    Do I have access to the free replacement of the screen?

  69. pls, Ige, am using infinix x801
    pls, I need an explanation why my phone adaptor with 2A s not working again with my phone, but work with other phone type, besides, I still notice dat only charger with less Dan 1A charge my phone. pls why?

  70. i had an accident with my infinix hot x507 and the screen got broken and the back case gone and the speaker does not sound well anymore canthe problem be solve

  71. Hi, i am using infinix x506 in pakistan, i brought it from Saudi Arabia, the touch secreen of it is broken due to fall down, it is in warranty period, please tell me how and where from I can fix this phone.
    Suleman Munir

  72. Ah bought an infinix x530′, after a week the touch pad stopped working, when operating my phone Ah can’t touch the back bottom because it won’t respond. pls Ah need your help

  73. hi there , Bought my infinix hot note pro from Jumia 2 weeks back , it fell down dis evening and d screen broke… Please confirm if i can take it to the carlcare centre at VI and get it repaired for free

  74. HI,
    Infinix hot 507 screen home buttons are not working, so i need to replace the screen. Please let me know where can i find the screen in Bangalore India or let me know if you people can can deliver it to my address in India. If possible let me know the cost (Door to Door).

  75. My Infinix Zero’s screen is cracked….
    I am in Port Harcourt, kindly refer me to your care centre for prompt screen replacement. I called your PHC’s agent call digit: 0909099515582 to no avail.

    Thank you very much….

  76. Dear.

    I have infinix Zero x506 but before 5 days my mobile LCD broke. I need new LCD, Please tell me how i bought new original LCD. I am in KSA.

  77. When you travel out to countries like Malaysia and other Asian countries, you will discover that customers care service is exactly what the name says. Under right warranty conditions and period, your phone can be completely replaced without hassles. You can even trade in your old phones.
    Unfortunately over here in Nigeria the same Centres can be best described as Profiteering Care Centre. Carefully going through these write ups and my experience that is a sane deduction to make. I made the mistake of buying an infinix phone and it has disappointed me. I discovered that repairing it would be unreasonable because of the Profiteering Centres labeled Care Centres. The earlier our insensitive governments look into these exploitation of our people, the better for the citizens of this country who have been a abused and cheated.

  78. My infinix zero broke and I got the info about Carl care. The nearest to me is in benin and I can’t get through to them cos the number attached to it has been switched off. What can I do?

  79. I got an infinix hot note x551 yesterday from konga. It seems the sim card slot 1 which was supposed to take the normal sim is smaller in width than the sim card. What does this mean? Of course the other sim slot was clearly labelled micro sim. Thanks

  80. please i urgently need to locate infinix office in Ghana and their contact numbers. i sent itel 1502 to their carlcare and cannot locate them anymore, please help me otherwise i will loose my phone which i bought less than 2months ago. looking forward to hear from you soon. Thank you

  81. i just bought an infinix zero2 phone not quite a month now. it just wont come on again. i am in lagos at the moment, i left my receipt in port harcourt. what to i do?

  82. I bought my infinix zero 25 jan 2015 in a retail shop in sagamu. The screen got broken last month and am nt wit my reciept wit me, bt the carton s wit me in Abia state. Can I still get free repair from carlcar?

  83. Hi…
    I will like to know if carlcare also repair innjoo phones…
    I have an innjoo i2s that is seriously damage. Can Carl care repairs it for me?

  84. I have an infinix zero. The screen has broken a lil. I think am so lucky. Cos its the heptatic keys that aint working. So I use gestures to open my stuffs. And always keep flash share open in my notification tray,incase I need an app. Ehya. I have a tecno phantom Z. So I aint repairing anything(actually my warranty has expired) good work bro. U r really giving alot of peeps hope. Some feel like comitin suicide… Hahaha(just kidding öoo)

  85. so i bot mine on konga december last year, i can find my receipt again buh i have a printed copy of items i bot on konga. d phone screen broke since april and o took it to carlcare…twice at opebi and once at awolowo way and all o got was stories of how dy dnt av d materials for repair til i got tired of calling and goin. i rily nid t get it fixed now as i just discoverd i av an important file on it. what do i do as d 6months warranty has lapsed(although i have 12months warranty on my pack). thank u

  86. Comment…I was told to pay 6k at carlcare for my infinix cracked screen, even with my warranty and receipt . But I thought it was free


    1. Hahahaaaaaaaaaaa,you are right in a way,but the complain u see here is perculiar to Infinix Zero alone,there has been alot of improvement since the original Infinix Zero was launched.The zero 2,the infinix hot note and infinix hot note pro are all good phones from infinix,u ccan read reviews about them also to be double sure.

  88. Hello Ige Ebima, thumbs up for the good job, can be quite daunting. I got myself an infinix hot note a month ago. Love the phone. However, just yesterday, I succumbed to an update prompt on the phone and had it upated. Now the screen is going blank. it works in the background though but I can see anything. I tried rebooting once and it worked but now it is rebooting in the banckground and nothing is showing on the phone. it’s one month old. Thank you for your prompt feedback to this complaint.

      1. Thanks for the response. Well, I did not carry out any rooting since it was purchased. The update prompt came up on the phone and I simply clicked on it It is still blank so I cannot check.

          1. Thank you. However, I have performed a forced shutdow again; long-pressed the power button and restarted it, funny enough it came up this time and showed. I have returned all settings to factory default and started afresh, hope the problem I encountered is permanently gone. Thanks you once again.

  89. Thanks for ur reply, but I was told to pay 6k even with my receipt and warranty intact @carlcare for MA cracked screen.

  90. Its lyk china phones are better dan dx infinix. Was abt getting hot note pro dou. Tank God. Y all of screen de break sef? Nawa oooo. Lemme chek samsung phones abeg. I hv been seeing 5k,6k,11k etc to fix screen,repair dx or dat…I kip asking mysef y on earth will I giv anoder person 11k to fix my fon and d problem won’t still be solved. Allah I go use the fon break ur head for dat office. Deze carlcare workers never jam warri thugs dats y dey keep extorting ppl witout solving the problem of dx so called toy. All infinix kip having problem even when they aren’t up to a year. Abeg I no wan vex. Nigerians are just stupid and wasteful. God punish the company.Better thunder go fire dem.

    1. Your comment make sense die. Got a badly broken screen on my infinix zero (blue ink spreading under my shattered glass) wonder how much they’ll charge to fix it.

  91. Pls where can i get infinix zero battery either in lagos,ogun state or ibadan.i got d fone in feb nd av only used it for a month nd it has been useless ever since.

  92. Mr Ige,
    please, my baby threw down my INFINIX JOYPAD 10 on the floor and the screen has been showing different colours like tiny grains. it doesnt boot when you put it on, just the word INFINIX shows on the blank screen. I have gone to many repairers but they cant find the missing parts to replace the damaged one. I live in Asaba, where can i find the closest Infinix office to repair my tab? I am really worried!

  93. please Mr Ige i bought my infinix zero @shoprite Enugu 4months ago and i live in Lagos, now the phone is rebooting itself, when it finally turns on it dosnt last a minute then it hangs and trips off, what do i do since i have even lost the receipt. The one that is making me go crazy here is that all of my very important files are in this phone, is there a way i can save them first before any other thing ? please respond quickly

  94. hello sir,
    im just seeing this helpful post. my infinix zero phone fell to the floor last weekend and d screen refused to come up even tho it was still on i could see calls come in but i wasn’t able to pick cos d screen wasn’t working again. like… the touch screen doesnt accept anything again. xo i gave it to someone who fixed it last monday and it was working well. but just dis wednesday afternoon the phone has refused to come up. it started with the same screen problem and then it tried to reboot but i guess its stuck in the process and cannot come back up. can i still take it to this places? the phone is still under warranty and i bought from slot. tnx.
    expecting ur reply pls.

  95. Good morning mr Ige just 2mths ago i bought an infinix x507 nd just 2days ago i discovered my keypads re just so hard, i nid a long press on d screen b4 it respond. Bought it 4m a shop with a receipt nd im scared of wot to do pls hlp coz drs no carecare in ondo nd im scared of giving it to a repairer coz most of dm can’t handle Android phones. Please do i warranty or wot do i do!??

  96. I wish to say that at d carlcare centers they repair free on the condition that d fone has not been repaired before. If it has u will be charged for the repair. I send a phone there which has been repaired and that was what i was told.

  97. My phone is Infinix X510, I forgot my password, reset the phone but it’s asking for Gmail account. I provided mine but It isn’t working. I just bought this phone on Saturday 05/09/2015. what do I do?

  98. I bought infinix zero 2 from jimia on 29-07-2015, an update info came to my phone and I downloaded the update from infinix update button, and my phone brick in the process of updating it. I haven’t enjoy the phone at all, what is the solution?

  99. My Infinix Zero has booting problem but i want to confirm if it will ever come up again before stressing myself either to repair FOC or for a kobo. All i need to know is the possibility of the fone coming back to life.

    Thanks as i expect your response in earnest.

  100. Comment…I bought infinix zero at Enugu, it’s not up to one month, I discovered that the flash share and the Bluetooth is not working. I have taken it to why I bought it, the person say its from factory. what will I do?

  101. I bought an infinix hot note 2 yesterday, and this morning I clicked on an update, since then, the phone has been hanging. What do I do

  102. My infinix zero.felt down and my rear camera disappear, only the front camera is showing but the image is very poor. What can I do?

  103. Comment…I bought my infinix hot note at slot last week…but naw whenever am charging it..it discharges and I didn’t remember to collect receipt from their office..pls wat assistance can u render to me

    1. That is a serious one.You mean you bought something n u forgot to get a receipt? But did they write the receipt? if yes ,then visit them and tell them your name and the date yoou bought it

  104. .pls help…..I bot dz infinix hot 2 from jumia with 16gb internal memory but I can’t store anything on it. all my files are stored on my 2gb SD card and I can’t even take pix without inserting a SD card,how do I change d storage to dat of d phone cos my SD card is full o

  105. Hi admin, please my innjoo i1k calibrator is faulty. I stay in Abuja and an finding it difficult to fix it. Please what do i need help from you.

  106. Pls my Infinix hot note pro battery drains like mad. It gets hot during the process. Pls can I change my battery at infinix service centre? Pls reply asap cos am not finding it fun at all.

  107. My INFINIX HOT 2 X510 which I bought fron JUMIA a month ago is not showing photos after snapping. and the camera is not sharp as it used to be. where is the carlcare center in Victoria Island? Also the MTN data promo is not available. WHY?

  108. it’s nt up to 2month since i bought my INFINIX HOT NOTE and d screen got broken last week.
    plz am i going to pay for repair at calcare or free cos i havn’t void my warranty.

  109. Pls my infinix x551 had a rom problem which keep on downloading unwanted applications on its own and on mobile data on it own an has wiped out all i have stored in the phone.now i cannot do anything with except calls.

  110. Hi, please my infinix zero fell on the floor and had a crack on the screen, since then the touch screen has not been working.
    what should i do about it? is there any carlcare in surulere? how much will it cost me to fix it?

    1. Lagos
      Address: 2nd Floor, NO.77, Opebi Road, Ikeja, Lagos State
      Tel: +234 80022752273
      Victoria Island, Nigeria
      No.55,Kofo Abayomi Avenue Apapa,Lagos.

      Those the Carlcare in Lagos

  111. Hello,
    Good day. Can I get a replacement battery for my infinix Hot 2? If yes, How much will it cost and where do I go to get the replacement?

  112. Hello, my problem is that, my phone was like having a virus so I did a restore factory setting and now my phone is showing me enter privacy password and I do not know the password so pls wat should I do because I can’t access the phone

  113. I bought my infinix hot note around april. The phone will just went off and come on after 6 hours. This evening I switched it off and when I decided to switch it on it just displayed no command. What can I do about this ?

  114. I bought my Infinix ZERO in April, just after 3 weeks, it fell and the screen broke. I took it carlcare and it was repaired for free. Unfortunately, just 2 weeks after that, it fell again, and even with the screen protection, it fell and still cracked. It has been over 6 months now and I want to take it to carlcare for repairs particuallry so that I can retrieve the documents, pictures etc that I stored in the phone. How much do you think it will cost?

  115. I am having problem with my infinix X551 hot note it always off and on back and i don’t know what to do and where I can repair my phone

  116. Hello fellas my infinix hot note refuse to charge it doest not go beyond 1 percent anytime I charge it I try changing d charger still s d same ve never experienced dis kind of problem cos my fone is now desktop I plug it b4 I can make use of it

  117. Good day Ige, i bought infinix X551 on 23rd October 2015 , The phone is always hot while on charge. three days ago i noticed that the hotness was too much so i put it off for a while, after thirty minutes i tried to on it back but it did not come up again, I took it to Carl care office in Victoria island and i was charged 27,500 naira to fix it. what do you have to advice on this?

    1. Well ,i don’t have anything to say except that you are totally at fault,the phone is still under warranty ,and by the way how will u repair a phone for an amount bigger than the cost of the phone itself?

  118. I got an infinix x-551 from konga and 34 days after purchase, I found out that my phone can’t receive files from a PC. Vice versa. Please how do I fix this problem? Because I learnt it’s from my charging port. I’m in Port Harcourt currently and am not with the receipt. Please if I visit the Carl care service how much will I be charged to fix the problem?

  119. My infinix hot note got broken and i got it 4rm jumia but d touch pad iz still working and i am currently in abeokuta ..plz how do i go abt it

  120. My Infinix hot 2 have a problem,i switch from d normal user to quest user, d problem is dat it can’t go back n all app is nt showing It is saying d google is nt responding

  121. Good day pls my infinx just fell and the touch pad break I work at Apapa kirikiri road pls can you tell me the nearest workshop to refixed the touch pad

  122. Hello. My infinix Zero Phone contact have been Loading since on 31 December and it refused to show my contacts or numbers . Pls I need help on how to resolve the issue. Thanks

  123. Mr Ige, thanks for this forum, some water got into my infinix zero 2 and it has been rebooting ever since but never coming up. do you have any solution for this?

    1. Hello Kovic,
      Lets say you are still lucky the device still make the move to come on,the best advise i can give to you right away is to visit the nearest Carlcare centre closest to you.I believe the situation can still be saved

  124. Please I bought my infinix zero 2 @ slot around October 2015, since my USB cable spoilt and I couldn’t get USB that is compatible with the charger. How can I get infinix USB cord to fix in with the charger that came with the phone. I went to slot, where I bought it, I was asked to get new charge which cost N2,500.

  125. I use ifinix hot note. For the past two weeks now, I do have problem when charging it, I use original charger. It all started when the phone that normally charge fully within one and half hour start giving me like 4percent for an hour even it discharge sometimes. I have try 2 different original charger, samething occur. pls how can I get it fixed?

  126. please i was asked to download an app to repair my battery but dont actually know the please if you can tell me so i download it

  127. Good day sir, pls help me, my sister gave me this infinix hot note and the camera is not sharp at all, pls tell me the solution to this problem CU’s am not enjoying the phone at all.

  128. My infinix hot note is not charging fast again, please what can I do? I bought another charger still I’m still facing the same problem

  129. Please my infinix charging port is bad… How do I go about it… Am I sure to get it repaired and collected dat same day

  130. Hello sir/ma
    I purchased infinix note 2 @ Jumia on 11th -12-2015.My charger got burn this week. Please non of charger charge my phone. How can purchase another charger. Please carlcare kindly help me because my phone is of no used now. From Abeokuta. Thanks

    1. First i advise you look for someone using Infinix Phone,get His or her Charger to test yours,if it works the u can order the original Infinix charger from Konga.com

  131. Thanks for the respond.I have confirmed that it charging.I didn’t see any infinix charger on Konga. Kindly help me because am worry. Thanks

  132. am in lekki, where is infinix office address in Victoria island lagos? my infinix phone charger is bad
    thanks. send an email pls.

  133. The battery of my fone infinix hot note is swollen and presently cannot power my fone. Please how do I get anoda? I’m presently in Ilesha

  134. my infinix hot x507 is rebooting itself often and it writes ” UNFORTUNATELY PHONE HAS STOPPED”
    what can i do it

  135. Comment: pls I got the new infinix hot 3 x554 just last month and just yesterday it mistaken ly fell and the screen broke. can it be repaired for free at calcare

  136. Comment: The bottom keys (or whatever it’s called) of my infinix hot note pro have not been working since 3 days so I can’t minimize or go back. However the screen is working well. What could be the problem and how can I fix it?

    1. Hi Oluwatosin, please visit the nearest calcare centre as the phone needs to be physically examined to determine what is wrong with it.Thanks

  137. my infinix hot note x551 16gb, 2gb ram have an application virus which keeps on reinstalling even after you delete the appliccation pornclub and as well after factory reset.
    please send me answer so i can able to solve this problem

    1. Hello
      Since you have uninstalled and even done a factory reset but to no avail,i think the only option now is to Flash the fone with a new firmware.A visit to the nearest Infinix repair center is what i recommend at his moment

  138. i am out of town and tried to change my SIM and after that i am required to pin in some codes which i have forgotten. pls what should i do?

    1. You are asked to enter a pin to the Sim because the previous owner of the sim card put a password lock on it. You can ask the previous owner for the pin or use another sim card.


  139. Hello, Please sir. I noticed that my phone has not been charged up to 100% this days. it wil stop ones it reach 91%.sir what can I do? am using infinix note 2. Thank

  140. Comment: good day i bought my phone from Konga. Less than a month it fell with no scratch but part of d screen isnt working. What can i do pls?

    1. Sorry about that Tosin. Unfortunately there’s nothing else you can do than to take the phone to the nearest reliable phone repair centre to you. If you live in Lagos or Ogun State I can direct you somewhere.


  141. Hi! please my infinix zero 2 screen is getting worse as ink is almost covering the screen.How much will it cost me to replace the screen without warranty.All the way from Benue State.

    1. Hello Elisha

      I can not categorically tell you how much it will take to fix your screen,only the local carlcare agent is in a position to determine that,so i advise you visit the nearest carlcare centre in your location

  142. Comment: Hello sir what model of infinix fone would u advice me to buy. Am looking at note 2 . But I don’t know how strong it is . Pls advice me

    1. The Infinix Note 2 is good, and is worth buying. But at the moment I would advise you to wait for the Infinix Hot S. We expect that the price would be within the range of that of the Camon C9. Hot S is up for pre-order here. check the specs here. Good luck.

      Do let me know whichever option you choose

  143. Please sir!
    I need an infinix x506 sim tray..I lost mine and don’t know how to get another..I need it so badly because the phone is not mine and the owner is hostile..I stay in calabar,cross river state
    Please help me!

    1. Sorry about that Kingsley. Go to any local phone repair centre around you. Sim tray of a phone is not an hard thing to get, and fixing it back is even easier, regardless of phone type.
      So head over to any good phone repair shop around you quickly. Do reply to say how things go over there. Wish you best of luck 😉

  144. They are madly charging us from Ilorin calcare center, D charge is too much for us, and I bought my infinix Zero 3 from phone mart, they just insisted that I must pay for d screen den I paid 12,300 and it was not perfect fixed I just put d phone to my pocket before I removed it I av found it break again just because it want fix perfectly then I went to complain for they are still asking me to pay another 12,300,and for the 2nd SIM slot d two equal to 25000, and it’s not suppose to be like that, when am not the one that Damaged d screen and I don’t know why 2nd sim slot is not working again, I’ve been getting call from Infinix company asking me about my phone, I have to tell them that I didn’t enjoy it cause calcare are panic to help us in Ilorin. .is unfair o upon how much d phone is expensive, if I join 12,300 plus 67,000 that I bought the phone making how much den asking me 2 pay another 25000= 104,300 , calculate d money together, haba is unfair o.

    1. So sorry about the Carlcare treatment ,unfortunately we can not influence matters from here ,Carlcare represent Infinix and any decision they take is on behalf of Infinix ,so you may wish to pay the said amount or take this issue to their Facebook page ,you may likely get a favorable assist there

  145. my infinix x509 refuse to on instead it gets hot and am really broke so pls to swap it what kind of phone can I get for it ?

  146. Is it possible to change my infinix Camera, the back camera is faulty, cleaned it with robbing Alcohol and it stopped working. Can it be changed?

  147. Good morning, I have an infinix hot2, it has a broken screen after 8month of use.
    Can it be fixed In calcare if I go there with the receipt?
    Urgent reply needed.

  148. Comment:hi, please my infinix x403 fell and stopped working, I was later told the panel needs to b changed..
    please if I take it to carlcare, can I get the panel replaced there?

  149. pls my zero 1 is always hot, the battery discharges on its own, i have tried repairing it in local phone shops and they seem not able to do it. one advised me to change the panel and the battery, while i was able to change the battery, i couldn’t find the panel. still the new battery still discharges even worse than the first one. please can i get the panel at carlcare benin?

  150. My infinix hot 3 camera is damaged. I cannot change to back camera and the front camera is upside-down. I am in Osogbo,Osun State

  151. Pls I bought my infinix hot 4 regular just last month at slot atilary I mistakenly put it at my back pocket n seat on it and the touch screen got broken please were can I fix it in port Harcourt

  152. Please my infinix note 2 suddenly off when I plugged it and the light is normal not high and not low but I wondered what could have wrong with it….please is there any remedy to this and how much it gonna cost?

  153. My Infinix hot note phone just started to charge very very slowly (from 0-20% can take 5hrs) what could be wrong? And can I take it to a local technician? Is there any carlcare in Osogbo Osun State? Thanks

    1. You may wish to try it out with another Infinix charge to ascertain if its a charge issue , otherwise take it to carlcare .None at Osogbo , but will find one in Ibadan

  154. My front camera won’t come on ever since my infinix Zero 3 fell in water, although it has been serviced and dried and it’s been working quite well xcept the front camera.

  155. my infinix hot s,is asking for code to unlock d phone and I did not use code to lock d phone,I use pattern n finger print, d phone is no longer recognizing d finger print

    1. You probably forgot when you changed to use of PIN n fingerprint combination. I advise you reset the phone to factory mode so you can get acess to the phone again

  156. Pls I can’t save any thing on my phone memory. INFINIX HOT 2….pls how can I change the memory from SD card to internal memory

  157. Please my infinix hot 4 earpiece speaker stop working and the phone is less than 3 months what can I do

  158. My infinix hot 4 screen went dead after charging it’s just five month after I bought it on Jumia but I can’t find the delivery papers. Can I still get it fixed for free at Carlcare Ilorin?

  159. i bought my hot infinix hot 4lite 2 weeks ago and the battery of 4000mAH drain faster than a 2500mAH battery. what could be the possible cause or what apps should i uninstall

  160. my infinix joypad 7 both screen and touchpad and I hv unscrew it 1ce can it still b repair in their office bt I don’t hv d receipt again

  161. Infinix is really doing a great job as a top Mobile brand in Nigeria.
    I was able to contact them to get a list of their official offices that offer exclusive after sale service

  162. i bought a new infinix hot 4 pro in a sales oulet in ife osun state, now the phone is not coming up without any damage what can i do ?

  163. My infinix hot s screen is damaged but deres no crack on it. Can i still get it repaired for free at carlcare? Cos it’s still under warranty

  164. I use an Infinix Note 2 Phone. I walked through the rain holding my phone. The next day, I realised It is not able to charge when the phone is on. Charging only works when the phone is off. What could be the problem with my phone?

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