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If you are a Nigerian/webmaster still struggling to make your first $$$ online,then affiliate marketing may just be a perfect one for you.With affiliate marketing,you no longer need to depend solely  on google adsense before you can make some money online.With these local affiliate programs,you no longer need to disturb yourself about owning or operating a paypal account which is not allowed in this part of the world.

In this short post.i will show you a list of affiliate programmes you can use/promote as a Nigerian and get paid in Naira without any need for a paypal account

Jumia Online Shop

Jumia is one of the leading online retail shops in Nigeria and serves as a major source of income to many bloggers /webmasters.Even though i have not had my own share of the jumia affiliate program,it is no doubt a legitimate and paying affiliate program for some webmasters.

To earn as an affiliate  from  Jumia,all you have to do is sign up as an affiliate, promote Jumia products with banners, text links and innovative tools such as the Editor’s kit and the Flexible destination tool.In return, you receive commissions for driving new sales  and active users to jumia. It is that simple!

Sign up to become a jumia affiliate at

Konga is another top Online retail shop in Nigeria that caters to the needs of the growing populace in Nigeria.Konga offers website owners the opportunity to earn money by a way of affiliate programme.Kongas affiliate programme is similar to that of jumia where you promote konga  products with banners, text links and innovative tools such as the Editor’s kit and the Flexible destination tool.In return, you receive commissions for driving new sales  and active users to pays up to 9% per sale.

How To Generate and Place Konga Affiliate Ad Banners/Links On Your Blog

You can sign up to be a  Konga affiliate by using this  link…


Web4Africa offers professional reseller and shared web hosting on linux and windows platforms, as well as affordable domain name registration and e-commerce solutions for residents of Nigeria, Ghana and the rest of the world.

As a web4africa customer,you can make money through their affiliate programme by referring customers to buy webhosting,and domain names from web4africa

                                                                 CLICK HERE TO REGISTER A DOMAIN NAME OR WEBHOSTING  WITH WEB4AFRICA NOW

If you have anything to say about this or having issues you will like me to help you with, kindly make use of the comment form.

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  2. Nice write up Ige, more grease to your elbows.
    In addition to the Nigerian sites that offer Affiliate programs, there are some foreign sites that are suitable for Nigerian. SFI Tripleclicks accepts nigerians and pay their earnings through Payoneer mastercard that they issue them.

  3. Thank you Ige for putting this list together, I found it very helpful and suggest you update it from time to time. Happy to see the various affiliate options in Nigeria. Please what kind of affiliate services do you provide?

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  7. Hi Ige, thanks for this list. It is just another useful one. I suggest you update it often as there are other new affiliate programs available for Nigerians

  8. This is very informative. Looks like i will be using jumia or konga on my new Thanks, keep the good work up.

  9. its quite interesting, i see no reasons why youths will keep looking for jobs when you have computer,internet and smartphones, I’m not talking about fraudulent acts here but legitimate online money making. there are a few of them , keep trying..

  10. Thanks for listing affiliate programs in Nigeria. This will help Nigerians make money online. It will also give those searching for extra income to make money from home. On your next blog about Nigeria’s affiliate programs or affiliate marketing in Nigeria, kindly include our company’s affiliate program at We have just join affiliate marketing sites just like kong affiliate and others that so many Nigerians can start online business with too.

  11. The programs you listed are well worth wile. But in as much as selecting the right program is important, choosing the right niche is also mandatory.. because concentrating on a Niche, will give an affiliate marketer more focus on a particular market and also, make marketing easier.

  12. Pls, i need help on how to display konga banner on my blog, i have input the code in the dashboard but instead of the banner showing, it’s only the code that show

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