How to Edit Comments and Posts on Facebook for Android App

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No longer do you have to wait to be in front of a PC before you can edit your facebook post and comments.The newly updated  facebook for android app now lets you edit and delete silly posts or comment right from your android device.

Without wasting much time here is the how to edit comment on your  facebook for android app

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To edit  comment, simply tap on the comment you wish to edit,  choose “Edit Comment.” , tap the Update button Once you’re done editing your comment and you’re done editing that embarrassing comment.

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To edit a post,simply follow the same process described above by  taping on your post,  choose “Edit Post.”, tap on the Save button  after editing your post. The next time you select your post, you can also view your edit history by selecting “View Edit History.”

Please note that this feature will only be active if you just installed a new facebook for android or you just have to update your old version of facebook for andriod

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  1. i was confused and was not able to edit comments and posts in my Facebook account, but after the step by step explanation by this article now i’m able to do this thing easily .. 🙂

  2. aww.. I didn’t know this. I was always like WTF! is wrong with the guys at Facebook. But in this life, it’s amazing to realize that learning doesn’t stop. Each day we learn news things. Thanks for this tip buddy, would try it once I get my hands on my phone.. 🙂

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