Reasons Why You should Not Use Free Website Hosting

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Free web hosting may appear to be a good option because it won’t require you to pay money to get your site hosted. Unfortunately, there are many reasons why you should not use free website hosting, particularly if you intend to set up a website for business purposes. Here are some of the top reasons why free web hosting may not be the best for your site:

Free Hosting Providers may Post Ads in Your Website

Your free hosting provider may allow you to use their hosting services for free but this does not mean they won’t earn money from you. Web hosts often get compensation for providing free hosting through sponsored ads that they post in their users’ websites. This means that if you choose free hosting, you may have to deal with having a lot of banner and popup ads. This is not good for your website, though. Ads tend to irritate site visitors and you will likely lose some of your visitors when they decide to click on the ads instead of checking the content of your website.

You can’t choose the Domain You Want

A number of free web hosting providers do not allow their users to use a custom domain. If you opt for free hosting, you may have to settle for a domain that looks like this: This type of domain is  just too long and difficult to remember; using a subdomain for your website can also make it seem less credible. Your potential customers will think twice before transacting with you if you do not use a custom domain for your site.

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You Get a Lot of Restrictions

With free hosting, you won’t be able to do anything you please with your website. For instance, some free hosting providers do not allow their users to use their site for commercial purposes. This means you can’t use your website to sell goods or even to post affiliate links. If you want to set up a business website to market your company’s VoIP PBX services, for example, your best option would be to use paid hosting.  Violation of the free hosting provider’s terms and conditions may result in you getting your account deactivated.

You do not Get Excellent Customer Support

You cannot expect your web host to provide you with fast and efficient customer support service if you are merely using their free hosting services. Free hosting companies seldom offer live chat support and phone based support to accommodate questions and help requests from their users. If you encounter problems with your website, you would have to visit forums where fellow free hosting users discuss problems that they have with their sites. You should be able to troubleshoot website problems yourself if you choose to use free hosting.

Your Free Hosting Provider can Change Their Terms and Conditions Anytime

You are bound to your web hosting provider’s terms and conditions. Unfortunately with free hosting, your hosting company can change their terms anytime. Failure to know about the changes in the terms of use may result in violations and the possible deactivation of your account.

You Get Very Limited Disk Space and Bandwidth Allowance

Free web hosting providers often provide their users with limited storage and bandwidth allowance. If you are expecting to have a high traffic website, a free hosting account may not be the best for you. The free hosting companies may provide you with an option to increase you bandwidth and storage limit but this often requires you to pay for an upgraded hosting account.


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9 Replies to “Reasons Why You should Not Use Free Website Hosting”

  1. Susan Velez

    I totally agree with you that one should not get started with free hosting. There are so many hosting services that are reasonable, it just does not make sense to get started with one for free.

    One may think that they are getting a bargain because it is free. But I am sure there are more headaches involved with free hosting services. I would rather pay a small fee each month and ensure that my site’s downtime is next to nothing. Not to mention I don’t have to worry about anyone putting ads on my site.

  2. Adesanmi Adedotun

    Hi Michael,

    I support these facts because nothing comes free that last (nothing goes for nothing). As a blogger we should ready to invest before harvesting atleast token ranging from domain name down to hosting of our blog, every blogger want to earn so cent online, if this is though however, then we must lay a very sound and not faulty foundation for our blog.

    • Obasi Miracle

      You are very right about those facts Ade, no body starts a great building on a faulty foundation. Thanks Morgan for sharing this useful tips.
      Do have an awesome week

  3. Qasim

    Hi Michael,

    Well said, with free web hosting you will always feel not secure since the service terms may change any time and also you may loose all your work because of this service. Thanks for sharing this article.

  4. Augustus

    Using a Free webhosting service for your website or blog can be disastrous sometimes most of them don’t have dedicated servers and even low uptime. I have hosted one of my blogs with a free webhosting provider, then I receive lots of complain from my blog readers. The best Free Web hosting provider that you should always use is from Google.
    Going for a Paid web hosting service, you should definitely not forget the likes of dreamhost, hostgator.

  5. Gilbert Samuel

    The two most important point is the low bandwidth and customer support. I once had a precious blog on a free hosting but too bad i lost that blog. Well, experience is a teacher and I’ve learnt a great lesson and will never repeat such mistake. I guess many of us really needs to know more about this. It’s definitely going out on twitter 🙂


      Hey Gilbert,its true that their customer support is close to none,this alone is enough to stay away from them.And sorry for the blog you lost to them,but glad to know you are doing well on viral writter now,and thanks also for offering to share and hope to see you coming again


    Spot on with this write-up, I really believe this amazing site needs much more attention.
    I’ll probably be returning to see more, thanks for the advice!

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