How To Change Feedburner Email Subject Line

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Email subscription service is one of the ways your blog readers receives direct updates to your blog posts  update via their email account.This means your blog reader need not necessarily visit your blog before they can have access to your blog updates.One of such feed manager that offers email delivery absolutely for free is feedburner.

If you are a blogger who offer the email subscription option using feedburner,you should have noticed the email subject line for any blog feed  delivered to your subscriber email is alwaysyour feed name,meanng if your feedburner name is dasad,then the email subject line would also be dasad.This does not give any information about what the email is about and the subscriber has to open the email before he can see the post title. Here’s how to Customize the feedburner subject line of the email that is sent to subscribers after they opt in to receive your feed by email.

How to Customize The Feedburner Subject Line

Login to your feedburner account

Locate your feed name and click on it

Click the “Publicize” tab located to your feedburner header

Click on  “Email Subscriptions”  located to the left side  navigational menu

Still on the left hand side menu,click the email branding

Now change to whatever you want your image subject line to be under  “Email Subject/Title” box.

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Now if you want your email subject to be latest post from ebimablog,just enter  latest post from ebimablog into the title box.

But if your blog like once in a day and want your email to include the post title,you can Use  ${latestItemTitle} variable  to insert your latest post’s title into the Subject/Title of email.If for example i decide to use this option for my blog,the subject line of an email delivered to my blog suscriber would  simply be  How To Change Feedburner Email Subject Line. So just copying  ${latestItemTitle} into the subject box would change the subject line.

Secondly,if you want your email subject line to be  “last post title – blog name or any other name you like”,then copy

${latestItemTitle} – blog name or any other name you like


into the subject box.

If you are the type that update more than once a day,then your delivered email could contain more than one subject,you could use this for your case

1.Your Blog Name – “${latestItemTitle}” plus ${m}more.

2.Your Blog Name (in this message: ${n} new items.

By following these two steps,you would be able to change your feedburner email subject line without any problem.If however you encounter any problem or question,please feel free to share them  with us.

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