Facebook still remain  the most popular social network site to date, thanks to its creator, FACEBOOK, the name which is often associated with user-friendliness and security. Despite all efforts by the company to make sure your account is safe from the hands of attackers, you may still be preyed on by hackers, phishers and scammers from all over the Web.

Well ,not to worry Facebook is not relenting in its hoarse in tightening the security of the number one social media site as its adding new security measures always which most of its users knows nothing about.Today i want to reveal to you top 5 and essential tips to protect your account from possible attacks from hackers.

Here are the top 5 essential Facebook security tips

1.Use Strong  Password

Your Facebook password is the first most important entity that grant you access to your Facebook account.Creating a strong password would make your Facebook account  more invulnerable to  hacker.A long password with a combination of lower,upper case,numbers and symbols should be OK for a secured Facebook account.


Desist from using  easy to guess passwords like date of birth,your mobile phone number,and your name as they are easily cracked by brute force attack.Example of some weak passwords include but not restricted to Richard,Banky,123456,232323,such password can be cracked easily by hackers within a minute

Another useful tip to staying secured on Facebook is having your password changed if you suspect any strange activities on your account

2.Revoke Unauthorized Access Granted Third Party Apps

As a Facebook user,you might have granted some third party applications/website permission to access your Facebook data,so they can send and receive information on your behalf.This is one of the best means hackers uses in hacking Facebook accounts.

If you have granted such permission knowingly or unknowingly,then its time you revoke such permission if you  so much love  your Facebook account.To revoke access granted third party apps,

Goto the privacy section of your page by clicking on the gear icon located to the right hand corner of your facebook,

select privacy setting,

then select APPS located to the side bar of the resulting window

Click on the app you wish to revoke its access from the list of apps you granted access

Click on Remove APP and you are done

3.Enable 2 Step Verification

Facebook 2 step verification also called login approval works in similar manner to Gmail 2 steps verification. It is a 2-step authentication process that  prompt a secondary form of authentication to make sure you are the actual account owner whenever you attempt to log in from an unrecognized device /location.the user is asked to enter a code sent to their phone in order to enter the account.Here is a summary of how it works

3.Enable Private/Incognito Browsing

This is  another great way to stay safe on Facebook.Private browsing which can e found in all browsers ensures your browsing history are not been logged by your browser and hence when activated  would ensure your Facebook account activity is not logged in the browser history.This option is especially useful for those who access their Facebook account from a public computer.

4.Disable Keep Me Logged In Option

There is a small box on the Facebook login page that says Keep Me Logged In ,ensure you unchecked it.If unchecked,you will be requested by Facebook to provide your login email and password every time you wish to login.

5.Sign Out after use

As little as it may sound or look,yet its very important,always remember to sign out  after every single use.

With these security tips,you can use your Facebook worry free.Have we missed out on any other security-enhancing tips? Do let us know at the comment section

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