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One of the biggest and the most indispensable part of an ISO audit is the ISO audit checklist. Such a checklist helps to ensure that a company has successfully completed an audit and met the instructions/recommendations of the chosen ISO standard. In this article, we will discuss the importance of the ISO audit checklist for engineering department.

Why is an Internal Audit Important? 

An internal audit can be described as the systematic and sequential verification of all records and evidence. It is the final practice before an external audit that helps an organisation obtain their ISO certification, such as ISO 9001 certification.

An internal audit is essential as it is correlated to the requirement of independently verifying the management system. Additionally, it provides a fresher perspective on the management system, thereby reducing general misappropriations, bookkeeping errors, frauds, or non-conformances. 

Why Do We Need Internal Audit Checklists?

The problem with internal audits is that their functionality and techniques can vary significantly due to the number of people that are assigned to perform them. Additionally, this variability is also a consequence of the scope and the nature of the work being done.

In specific organisations, internal auditors check on routine operational and financial activities while focusing on detecting fraud, security, compliance, or non-conformances is less.

In other organisations, internal auditors give high levels of status to compliance and lesser importance to appraising or analysing operational or financial activities. Such inconsistencies dilute the efficiency of an internal audit.

Generally speaking, there is a great need for internal auditors to exhibit “industry” specialisation and standardisation, especially in terms of their domain. Companies that have witnessed rapid and radical change require innovative, relevant, and quality internal auditing efforts in this aggressive global competition. ISO 27001 audit Australia will help organisations to protect their data and evaluate, confirm, and verify activities related to information security within an organisation.

Why is it Important to Audit the Engineering Department?

Engineering departments play a significant role in maximising enterprise value. Conducting internal audits in this department helps organisations conduct effective risk management. Therefore, internal auditing of the engineering department is essential to reduce the losses caused by internal or external organisational risks and to maximise enterprise value.

How Do You Audit an Engineering Department? 

An audit should be appropriately planned to ensure that all areas of the processes are covered and given appropriate attention, helping the internal auditor identify any potential problems and obstacles with the auditing process long before the activities are carried out. Additionally, mapping out activities also helps to ensure that it is being carried out in a timely manner and the workflow is maximised for improving efficiency. Here, utilising an ISO audit checklist specially curated for the engineering department is extremely helpful in reducing labour, time and effort while simultaneously improving efficiency and accuracy.

ISO Audit Checklist for the Engineering Department

Some of the common components of an ISO audit checklist for engineering department help the user identify the last audit date, compliance status, and any pending issues. Essentially, it helps the auditor identify if there is an organogram for the department and if the number of personnel is adequate. The checklist also helps to see if the department manual is available for reference and identify the relevance of all Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). The auditor can also comprehend the revision status of all documents and determine if any obsolete documents are floating in the department.

The checklist also helps to evaluate if the equipment list is available and if the preventive maintenance schedule is taking place as planned. There are specific equipment-specific questions in the audit checklist, including what is the procedure for highlighting out of calibration equipment, what is the proper status label for critical spares, what is the proper status label for filters and if calibration is available on each piece of equipment.

A checklist also helps to check the competency and any additional training that the engineering department personnel have undergone.

Internal Audit 9001 Checklist

The ISO 9001 standard is one of the most loved standards, as it helps to ensure that the quality of products or goods does not deteriorate. Auditors often have to interview individuals in the engineering department and evaluate how they interact with the Quality Management System (QMS). For this purpose, the internal audit ISO 9001 checklist is beneficial as it contains preparatory questions that the auditor can ask the engineering department to identify if they are sticking to the work instructions.

ISO 19001 Audit Checklist

ISO 19001 is a document that provides easy-to-follow guidance on the auditing management system, including teaching the user about essential principles of auditing, conducting management system audits and managing an audit program. This is also a helpful document as it provides guidance on evaluating the competence of all individuals involved in the auditing process, thereby safeguarding the efficiency and potency of the internal audit. This checklist is also helpful for individuals who have limited experience with auditing.

Edara Systems will Help You Obtain ISO Certification

The ISO audit checklist for engineering departments helps to audit and evaluate the competency of all engineering department personnel and check the maintenance status of all pieces of equipment.

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