How To Back Up Blogger Blog post And Comments

Blogger is a free blogging platform operated by Google.In blogger,everything blogging is free except for a custom domain name which a blogger can do without.This probably account for the reason so many newbie bloggers prefer the blogspot  platform for a star,but sooner than later you see  them migrate from blogger hosted blog  to WordPress which is a self hosted.They move out of blogger not because they prefer moving but because of googles strigent rules and regulation guiding the blogger hosting which when not abided to can get you kicked out of the free blogger platform either through your blog been deleted or your account been suspended .

To protect yourself from this unforeseen circumstance,it would be a good practice if you embark on a regular backup of your blogger blog i.e the template,blog post and blog comments which you can have access to at a later day.While so many are aware of how to backup their blogger blog template,very few know of how to make a complete back up of their blogger blog post ,template and comments hence the need for this tutorial.

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How To Backup Your Blogger Blog Template

A single mistake in your blogger XML template can cause you  a day long frustration.So to avoid losing all the tweaking and customization already applied to your template,making a backup of it whenever you wish to edit your blogger XML template wont be a bad idea.To make a backup of your template only,

  • Sign in to your blogger blog dashboard
  • On the dashboard click on the template tab
  • You will be taken to a new window
  • On that window click the restore/backup button located to the top right hand corner of the window
  • A small window  will pop up
  • Click on download full template on the pop up window
  • Follow the onscreen instruction to save the template to your computer


The above process will only make a backup of your customized template not the content of your blog.Now to ensure you blog content is also backed up,follow the instruction below

  • Sign in to your blogger blog dashboard
  • Click on the setting tab
  • Under the setting tab,select others
  • Under blog tools,select export blog
  • Then select download blog
  • Choose your preferred storage location on your hard drive.

That is all .You now have the whole of your blog content stored on your hard drive.



Now that you have successfully saved your blog content to your hard drive,the next question that should come to mind is how do i restore my blog content  ?

Its simple,just follow the few steps  below

  • Sign in to your blogger blog dashboard
  • Click on the setting tab
  • Under the setting tab,select others
  • Under blog tools,select import blog
  • Then browse to where you saved a copy of your exported blog
  •  If you want to manually publish the posts, untick ‘Automatically publish all imported posts’
    Select ‘Import Blog’

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7 Replies to “How To Back Up Blogger Blog post And Comments”

  1. Akuneme christopher

    I mistakenly deleted four of my blog post two days ago, assuming i had read this post earlier i would have been telling a different story. It’s advisable to export your blog at least every month.

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