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How To Enable or Disable Blogspot Post Comments


Have you created a very controversial blog post and now you are receiving tons of negative comments and even insults from and among you blog reader? Or have done you recently run a giveaway on your blog and don’t want entries anymore? Or do you for one reason or the other want to turn off or disable comment on a particular post you created on your blog? Turning off comments for a specific post is possible, easy and can be done within two minutes.
This post is all centered on how to disable or enable, turn on or turn off comment for a particular post on BlogSpot blog. Now let’s begin.
  • Navigate to the post option on your blogger dashboard
  • Select the post you wish to disable comment on and click edit
  • Once you are on the post editing screen, navigate to the lower right end of the page where you will see Labels, Scheldule, Permalink, Location, Search description and lastly options
  • Click on Options and select or choose which ever option you want from the drop down menu.
  • To disable comment on the post and still show existing comments choose  
  • To disable comment and hide the existing comments choose don’t allow, hide existing
  • After that click on done and then go back to the top of your post editor near your topic bar where you will click on update to effect your changes.
That is it.
It’s as simple as that
Is this tutorial working for you? Let’s have a feedback from you to know how we are doing

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