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Easy home made vagina wash

Stop's vagina smell and safe for use vagina wash

Easy home made vagina wash

The best vagina wash is the self made because you are sure of the ingredients, than to buying product that are already mixed. your vagina is your pride and should be treated with pride.


Ingredients                                                                                                                                                          Aloe-vera plant
Warm water.

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1. Wash and peel the bark of your aloe vera, to bring out the gel.
2. pour warm water in a bowl, add your aloe vera gel.
3. Leave for 3 mins, use to wash your v after taking your bath.
You can do this remedy 3x in a month

Its fight bacteria
Stops sperm from coming out after $£x
Its stop fish smells at your fight bacteria
Its stop inches…No map again
Its Make’s your vagina walls strong
No side effects
So please try this and give us feed back.


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