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In today’s fiercely competitive world, irrespective of the industry they operate in, organisations are finding it increasingly difficult to set themselves apart from the competition. In construction, buyers are becoming more and more selective because they fear that if they aren’t strict enough during the selection process, project delays, extra costs, environmental fines, and expenses resulting from safety incidents will ensue and potentially compromise the entire operation. This concern is understandable because the potential consequences of any of these issues could range anywhere from going off budget to going bankrupt.

So, how exactly do buyers ensure that the contractors they are considering meet their standard requirements?

There was a time where it was standard practice for buyers to audit contractors’ systems and processes to ensure the necessary safety, quality and environmental arrangements are in place. Today, they expect contractors to have all that done beforehand by third party entities, also known as Certification Bodies. In other words, they are far more likely to engage a contractor with the relevant ISO Certifications because that way, they don’t have to spend additional time and money auditing them themselves, but most importantly because of the peace of mind that comes with engaging an ISO certified contractor.

Now that we’ve established the necessity of ISO certification for civil contractors, you’re probably wondering: why haven’t I got it? Where/how do it get it? And what is the fastest way of obtaining it? If you are interested, we suggest that you also read the ISO 14001 certification requirements.

The quickest way of getting ISO certified

The quickest way of getting ISO certified is by partnering with an end-to-end consultancy that handles the entire process for you. That way, you can continue to focus on what matters: Running your business!

Just like buyers are extremely selective when choosing their contractors, so should your organisation be when selecting your certification partner. Lucky for you, we have done all the legwork, sorting through hundreds of the top service providers, to finally bring you, the number one ISO certification consultancy in Australia. So if you are looking for complete information on ISO 14001 requirements, ISO 9001, ISO 27001 or ISO 45001, we are by your side!

How quickly certification can be obtained

The criteria used to determine the best ISO certification consultancy in Australia consisted of the following: how quickly certification can be obtained, the level of involvement required from the client (you), the guarantees they offer, and finally whether they have experience working with civil construction organisations.

The ISO 9001 consultancy which consistently came out on top is Edara Systems, a Sydney-based boutique firm founded by a group of seasoned consultants from Tier 1 contractors (CPB, Thiess, Lendlease, Downer), who left and started their own firm to help small to medium-sized contractors and subcontractors grow their business and stay on top of their compliance requirements. They know the industry ins and outs and how to put in place systems and process that will leapfrog your business and bring its processes in line with those of Tier 1 contractors. They have been around for over a decade now, providing end-to-end compliance solutions for construction industry certifications and accreditations.


Out of the several hundred consultancies evaluated, Edara Systems is by far the fastest in terms of turnaround, with clients obtaining their ISO Certification 10-15 days from the day they sign their contract. The second fastest after them does it in 2-3 months minimum, which means that Edara is 4-6 times faster than them, and much faster than the others, most of which state they can get it done in 3-6 months. Thus, hands down, Edara Systems are the only ones who can get it done in under a month. In fact, speed is one of the 3 key pillars their company was built on.

2.Level of involvement

Edara Systems’ second key pillar is ‘personalised and done for you’. Their team is made up of industry experts who have helped certify thousands of organisations and dedicated to helping you achieve ISO Certification. They will do this with minimal involvement on your part, so you can focus on running your business without interruptions. Instead of having to seek out multiple organisations (consultancy and Certification Body) and overseeing their respective work, you can literally hand the entire process over to the Edara Systems team, and they will handle it for you – all of it.


Edara Systems offers an unparalleled ‘certified on first attempt or your money back’ guarantee. It’s one of their 3 key pillars to put their clients at ease and remove financial stress out of the equation. We have seen other consultancies offer guarantees of passing. However, we couldn’t find any other offering money back guarantees.

4.Experience working with civil

As previously stated Edara Systems was founded for civil construction industry professionals by civil construction industry professionals. They are the only ISO Certification consultancy in the nation that works exclusively with civil construction organisations. This means that no other consultancy will ever come close to understanding your business the way they do. Other ISO Certification consultancies typically work with a myriad of other industries, and will generally have one employee or a small team at best that will have experience working civil construction organisations. At Edara Systems, the entire company is made up of seasoned industry veterans who speak the same language as you and your team.


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