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REMEDY for recurring joint pains

Joints are the parts of your body where your bones meet. Joints allow the bones of your skeleton to move. Joints include:

  • shoulders
  • hips
  • elbows
  • knees

Joint pain refers to discomfort, aches, and soreness in any of the body’s joints. Joint pain is a common complaint. It doesn’t typically require a hospital visit.

Sometimes, joint pain is the result of an illness or injury. Arthritis is also a common cause of joint pain. However, it can also be due to other conditions or factors.

What do you need?

Bay leaves

What do you do with these items?

Put a cup of water on fire and put to boil, add three to four bay leaves untill it has boiled well.

Put off the fire and add three cloves into it, then cover up to simmer.

Pour into to a cup

How do you take this?.

A teacup twice daily

Give it a try and come tell us


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