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A large majority of women suffer from vaginal discharge, but it is not always easy to talk freely, even to their doctor or gynecologist or partner.
However, these white vaginal discharge are normal and revealing a good intimate health. It is normal for women to have vaginal secretions. Nevertheless, some vaginal discharge may be a sign of infection. You have to know how to recognize and treat them.

Vaginal discharge: when to worry?

Vaginal secretions are normal when they are odorless, light-colored or milky, they do not cause irritation or burning and do not stiffen the laundry. They are the means used by our body to clean the vagina, including dead cells present on its wall, so that it remains clean.
The quantity and color of secretions vary according to the moments of the monthly cycle. But, if they become very abundant, purulent, smelly or painful, they are usually a sign of a sexually transmitted infection or not. Most women are thought to have at least once in their life a vaginal infection.
In nine out of ten cases, the infection is due to a fungus, yeast or bacteria, and one in ten to trichomonas, a parasite.


3 teaspoon of cinnamon, 1 liter of water Instructions for use: Infuse 3teaspoon of cinnamon per liter of water. Usage: Take 3 cups a day for 7days

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