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One powerful waste product man produces is urine, it is gathered in the bladder and pass through the urethra to the outside world, its the same time the greatest gift from Almighty God which perform several functions for human use.
Many people believe that urine is just a waste product after getting out of the body,
but after many years of practical research / findings, I am able to arrive at these conclusions that urine is but a very mighty and power medicine produced from our bodies as waste.
The following are few of the benefits,
spiritual and health wise.


👉 Urine serve spiritual cleansing purpose from evil domination when you bath with your early morning urine.
👉 When used to bath your children, it prevent them from the attack of the evil ones.
👉 It conquered the effect of evil arrow.
👉 Expel spirit of Hooliganism…if you have a child who is so stubborn and you are tired, dont know what to do again,
try the mothers urine….use it cook one egg and give to the child to eat and drink the remaining urine.
Do this three times, you will have all cause to glorify God…. It’s not charm
👉 Are you having problem with your life, finances etc use your mum’s or your wife urine to bath you will be free in no time and you will see your ways opening miraculously.
👉 Cobweb problems?….. Use early morning urine to rinse your head and face… you shall witness it no more by the grace of God.
👉 Are you having problem with sales in your shop or you think someone afflicted you with that ? Try your urine… urinate in a plastic throughout the night and sprinkle around the shop.
👉To get your love back or win the heart of your man or woman completely….soak raw meat overnight and fry for him or her to eat…
Just pray over it or reserve your urine overnight and use to cook the meat then mix a little into the groundnut oil you want to use, fry the meat and give to your lover.


👉 Stomach problem…. drink your early morning urine… It works like magic
👉 Unhealed wound….use urine to clean the wound.
👉 Strange sickness…. gather urine for three days and give the patient half cup every morning.
👉 Acne and pimples…. apply your urine, you will be surprised.
👉 Blemishes and skin irritations….use urine to bath always, within seven days you will regain a glowing skin.
👉 Eyes problems…. Drop few of your urine into the eye.
👉 Anti-dotes to poison….. just collect the urine in a clean bowl and give the victim to drink the next few mins he or she will vomit the poison.
Note: To all mothers:. use your urine to bath your children, it prevent evil hands from touching them.

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