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Easy Way To Treat Malaria And Typhoid

Malaria is an antibacterial that drink blood through the blood vein, in the body. Most times cos of our unconscious attitude.
We contact malaria through unclean water that we drink, sachet of pure water either pure or impure straight gate to the mouth, not knowing that the water is contaminated, there’s no how you may want to satisfy yourself with tasty that you should be hurry of not checking what you want to drink, when you drink such water together with the particles, it goes down to the heart and form, antibacterial. we should let the water be settle before drinking.
Also the food we take take causes malaria, most food items is done in the kitchen. some people are so lazy to the extent that to wash the sharp object they want to use for the food become a problem. Antibacterial or any flies might have touch the object before you even plan to take and use. we should not be to hurry.

Symptoms Of Malaria Or Typhoid

When you have malaria, your body will be frequently hot or warm, and there’s changes in your urine, either your urine turns light yellow or deep yellow.
When you go to the pharmacy to buy drugs hmmm they give you counting, Numatem, and so on, you got home and use as prescribed if the time giving you is not accurate with the time you wake up, the antibacterial will form in another place of your cell.
If you take yield to the precaution, it form another ailment called Typhoid.
When is been long and over ripe, it forms another ailment in the cell that’s how it goes.

Perfect Solution

Get the following materials and solve it once and for all.
  • Pineapple peels
  • 9pieces of lime orange
  • 2big oranges
  • Lemon grass leave
  • 2 big size of Ginger
  • 10 small pieces of garlic
  • 5 bag of Lipton tea
  • Pap fermented water


Cook all together.


Take 1cup in the morning 1cup in the afternoon, and 1cup before going to bed .
You will take it for 5solid days.

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