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Home Remedies To Treat Dysentery


Dysentery is a digestive problem characterized by loose and watery stool. It is accompanied by intestinal inflammation and stomach cramps. It can cause discomfort for a few hours or days. However, in some cases, it is known to last longer.
Dysentery may be caused by bacteria and amoeba. Bacillary dysentery is mild while amoebic dysentery is mostly severe and requires immediate medical intervention.

 Causes Of Dysentery

Dysentery is caused by Shigella bacteria or an amoeba called Entamoeba histolytica. The most common cause of dysentery is poor sanitary conditions. Stale food, contaminated water, and exposure to human excreta are other causes of dysentery.

 Symptoms Of Dysentery

Loose motions
Abdominal pain

How Does Dysentery Spread

Dysentery typically spreads as a result of poor sanitary conditions and habits. The infection spreads through contact with food or water that has been contaminated with excreta.
Patients typically contract two types of dysentery.

Home Remedies To Treat Dysentery

1. Orange Juice
Orange juice contains flavonoids that exhibit anti-inflammatory properties.
These properties can help soothe the intestinal lining. The juice can also help keep you hydrated.

Orange Remedy

Orange juice
Drink this throughout the day.
You may drink up to 3-4 glasses of orange juice during the day.
2. Raw Papaya
Papaya is a mild laxative that helps reduce stomach cramps and promotes regular bowel movement. It is known to relieve digestive and abdominal issues like constipation, dyspepsia, and dysentery.

Papaya Remedy

1 raw papaya
3-4 cups of water
What You Have To Do
Peel the raw papaya and grate it.
Boil it in water for 10-15 minutes.
Strain the liquid and consume it while it is warm.
Drink this 2-3 times a day.

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