Natural Remedy To Remove Dark Knuckles




Dark skin on your knuckles can have many causes.

The darker pigmentation on your knuckles may be inherited.

Or it may be a reaction to a drug you’re taking, such as an oral contraceptive, a strong corticosteroid, or niacin.

Darker skin on your knuckles can also be a sign of an underlying condition that needs to be treated, such as diabetes.

Anyone at any age can develop dark knuckles.

But they occur more frequently in people with darker skin pigmentation

Home Remedy For Dark Knuckles:

Some common household items that may help lighten your knuckles include:

  • Baking soda: Mixed with water into a paste and applied to your knuckles for 15 to 20 minutes
  • Lemon juice:  Applied to your knuckles with a cotton ball daily

It’s a good idea to keep your knuckles and hands moisturized year-round. Also make sure to use sunscreen when you’re outside, even if your skin is naturally dark.

Although moisturizer and sunscreen won’t lighten your knuckles, they can help prevent damage and irritation from the sun, cold weather, chemicals, and hot water.


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