Desk Phones or Mobile Phones: What Would Serve A Modern Business’s Communications Better?

We know what you’re thinking. How could it be possible for a mobile phone to compete with desk phones in terms of business communication? The answer is pretty simple: through VoIP services provided by telecommunication providers like Freeje.

VoIP allows you to use practically any device to make calls. Yes, even desk phones! For as long as you use an adaptor, you can still extend its usability into the modern age.

So why are we talking about using cellphones, to begin with?

Each potentially compatible device comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. And an honest exploration of your options involves examining these options without bias.

So for this article, we’ll look into these two options: desk phones and mobile phones. At the end of the article, we’ll also include a few things you should consider in deciding how you’ll use VoIP.

Mobile phones

Everyone is probably familiar with this tech. More than just familiar, we believe. You’re probably reading this on your phone right now!

Mobile phones are basically built-in to anything you want, including VoIP devices. Just by installing a mobile app that you’d find in an app store, you can transform any phone into VoIP-capable equipment. That’s the version of a softphone that you’ll be using.

But don’t get us wrong. The softphone could also be on your desktop as software or just in your browser.

These are an amazing choice for remote teams where communication would otherwise be incredibly difficult. Although it’s possible to use management apps, it wouldn’t be able to provide the same seamless communication that VoIP would be able to offer.

Softphones simply take everything to the next level. Apart from allowing you to make calls, you can also access various features like call analytics and business text messaging.

Desk Phones

Are you new to VoIP, this may be able to smoothen your transition without any overwhelm. It’s a physical phone that you can touch and feel, giving you familiarity while still bringing some of the capabilities that VoIP allows.

If you have older employees, it would also be great because it’s something that they’ve used for a long time.

Desk phones may be old tech, but it definitely has some power left in them. These are normally powered by copper wires, but modern versions made for VoIP could be connected to your virtual phone system.

If you already have some lying around, you could also choose to buy adapters instead. This could be a great choice if you’re using VoIP purely for calls and don’t need any of the additional functions that it has to offer.

Choosing what’s right for you

Still, confused on which you should use? Here’s a quick guide where we evaluate your options based on common factors considered by business owners like you:


For small businesses, VoIP-activated cellphones are amazing. You don’t need to buy any equipment, and it’s extremely portable.

The app is also free with your subscription, and it becomes an access point to everything within your VoIP system.

Meanwhile, you’ll still have to buy an adapter with a desk phone. This entails an additional capital cost on your end even before you start using VoIP. And should your phone break down, the adaptor would be rendered useless.

Still, enterprises that just bought their desk phones may still want to maximize their usage before switching to softphones completely to justify the purchase.


Phones let you access all the features. With the user-friendly interface of the Freeje Optimum, it’s even powerful enough for you to run a small call center just using it.

Meanwhile, desk phones limit you to just calling. Granted, you may still be able to transfer calls depending on your phone model. But that’s about it. Any other functionality that you’d otherwise be able to access through a screen would be lost.


If you’re planning on leaving the office a lot, desk phones won’t work at all. Even though they can be used for VoIP with an adapter, they still have extremely limited reach.

Meanwhile, your phone could be taken practically wherever there’s an internet connection. This allows you to go about your business – whether in the office or outside – without missing anything important.

For staff who are always on the go, mobile phones may be the only option.

For example, a delivery driver may need to be in touch with the home office for rush deliveries while also having up-to-date customer information on their phone. In this case, desk phones would be out of the options.

Evidently, mobile phones are the superior choice for VoIP. Because you can install a softphone in it, you get full access to everything that VoIP has to offer.

So once you switch, ditch desk phones completely and go with cell phones instead.


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