Debating whether your loved one is ready for hospice care? Find out the signs here

The decision to take your loved one to a highly reputable hospice facility is not an easy one. Many people feel that once they accept help, they have failed their loved ones. On the contrary, accepting help is the best way to show love, support, and care to your loved one.

Atlanta hospices offer comfort, support, and medical help to individuals that need care. The facilities make it possible for caregivers to rest and work without worrying about their loved one’s needs. If you are debating whether your loved one is ready for hospice care, click here to use the following to make a decision favorable to your loved one and all family members.

Frequent hospitalizations

Frequent visits to the hospital are tiring and challenging for all patients. However, taking your loved one to the hospital when an emergency arises at home cannot be avoided. If you are debating whether your loved one needs hospice care at this point, the answer is yes.

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You should start your search for reputable Atlanta hospices to ensure your loved one receives the best care. Hospices have nurses working day and night to address any medical emergencies that arise and to provide the care and support needed by every patient.

Falls more times than usual

As a person ages or becomes severely ill, they experience a decline in functionality. If your loved ones start falling more frequently, it means that they require more attention than you may be able to give. Falling may lead to fractures or damaged tissues and muscles.

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The falling may be attributed to feeling more tired and weaker as someone ages. Frequent falling may also be a result of malnutrition. Loss of appetite is common when an individual is ill; hence results in poor feeding.

The best thing would be taking your loved one to a hospice to allow them to receive 24hour care from professionals.

Frequent phone calls to your doctor

When you have to frequently call the doctor about emerging signs and symptoms or their medication, you should consider checking out the best Atlanta hospices that would suit your loved one. Old age and severe illnesses often result in recurring infections, and your loved one may start reacting to the medication.

The decline in an individual’s health demands more consultation from a physician. It would be wise to take them to a hospice where doctors can diagnose infections on time and provide treatment for any arising illnesses and side effects.

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Needs assistance in daily activities

When a loved one finds it difficult to eat, bathe, get out of bed, or walk independently, it is time to check out Atlanta hospices near you. Their dependence requires 24/7 care, and it may be difficult for family members to always be present to care for them.

Getting assistance from experienced professionals in providing the needed aid provides relief to the family members, both physically and psychologically. Family members should then set aside time to visit their loved ones in the hospice to check on their progress and show the patient that they care.

Final thoughts!

Most people wish they had taken their loved ones to Atlanta hospices sooner. Now that you know the signs to look out for, we hope you can make an informed decision soon.


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